Data Migration and Functional Testing for Development Bank

Case Studies

  • Case Study: Testing for a Multilateral Development Bank

    Data Migration and Functional Testing for Development Bank

    The case study looks at how a leading multilateral development bank in the Arab region undertook data migration from the R-18 to R-20 version of Temenos T24, in order to provide customers in the region with market-leading services.
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  • Performance Testing of Temenos T-24

    BOK had to move to the Temenos T24 solution. It partnered with Kualitatem, an award-winning software testing firm to help in their migration. BOK needed to load test its web and mobile apps. The purpose was to test if the T24 model is going to be sufficient for expected 2000-3000 concurrent users.

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  • Data Migration & GL Reconciliation-Temenos T24

    APICORP was moving to the Temenos T24 integrated architecture solution due to Data Integrity and Data Cleansing issues. The corporate bank partnered with Kualitatem, a promising software testing company to help in their Data Migration, GL Reconciliation, and functional testing

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  • RESTful API Performance Testing

    RESTful API Performance Testing Case study

    This case study focuses on load testing of RESTful API’s for an e-safety solution that protects over 1 million students in the UK by keeping them safe online while allowing them access to all of the benefits of the online world.

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  • Web_&-Mobile_App_Testing Services

    HR Portal Security Assessment

    Kualitatem has been working to help secure different enterprises by performing penetration tests and doing pen tests for due diligence of the business partners. Human resource portals galore and Kualitatem has developed a pen testing certificate specific to HR.

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  • Financial Hub Hires Kualitatem for Salesforce Testing

    This case study covers how Kualitatem rendered Salesforce Testing Services to a financial hub in the Middle Eastern region that provides a platform to connect local markets with the world. It emphasizes on Kualitatem’s efforts and experience in providing independent QA services for managing the clients Salesforce deployed applications.

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  • mobile-application-security-assessment-icon

    Mobile Application Security Assessment

    This case study covers how Kualitatem rendered InfoSec Services to mid-sized bank in the Middle East in order to quantify the risks associated with the launch of their new applications. It sheds light on Kualitatem’s efforts and experience in providing independent audit services for managing the security assessment of their mobile and web applications.

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  • testing-mobile-app book image

    Testing Mobile Apps

    Kualitatem rendered testing services to a consumer software service. The product enables its users to make free or cheap global calls with text, chat, fax, file sharing and more.

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  • Performance And business process stability testing book image

    Performance And Business Process Stability Testing

    This case study covers how Kualitatem carried out performance testing for the client’s application to ensure stability and robustness. It also shares the Kualitatem experience to provide independent software quality assurance services using innovative framework, latest standards and multiple tools.

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  • Load testing for file net based app book image

    Load Testing For File Net Based App

    Kualitatem was engaged to provide testing services for Filenet Based Enterprise Content Management System for a well-established UAE organization. The scope was based on functional and load testing. Limited code reviews were also conducted to ensure code was optimized for performance.

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  • Configuration Testing Of A Saas Application book

    Configuration Testing Of A SaaS Application – Kualitatem

    The case study explains on how a telesales application based on the Software As A Service Model was tested for several possible configurations to ensure standard results across different environments.

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  • Testing-a-GIS-Application

    Testing A Gis Application: Challenges And Perspectives

    Kualitatem was engaged to test a complex GIS application which was a complete, self-contained package used for retrieving, disseminating, analyzing and integrating information through google maps.

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  • CRM-Application-Testing

    CRM Application Testing

    This case study defined how Kualitatem successfully delivered testing services for a CRM application, a company-wide business marketing system that helps an organization to manage existing customers, target new ones and generate quality leads.

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  • Testing-Media-Mashups

    Testing Media Mashups

    Kualitatem was the proud tester partner of a “Sound with Power” campaign for one of the major luxury car producers in the world. We worked in collaboration with our media agency partner which excels in creating meaningful user experiences to put creativity back in the audience’s hands.

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  • Application-Testing-Against-OWASP-Standards1

    Application Testing Against OWE/SANS & OWASP Standards

    The client’s product was a mobile electronic communication solution and it ensured messaging compliance with various regulatory bodies. The target businesses of our client were medium and large business enterprises managed by veterans in the Compliance, Data Security and Information Technology industries.

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  • Code-Review-For-PCI-Compliance

    Code Review For PCI Compliance

    The client wanted to test their product’s compliance with the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)”. This is a widely accepted set of policies and procedures intended to optimize the security of credit, debit and cash card transactions and protect cardholders against misuse of their personal information.

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  • Auditing-A-Wireless-Network-For-Vulnerability-Assessments1

    Auditing A Wireless Network For Vulnerability Assessments

    Kualitatem was engaged to conduct Vulnerability Assessment of Wireless Network of a major drilling corporation in the GCC.

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  • Risk-Assessment-Of-Physical-Infrastructure

    Risk Assessment Of Physical Infrastructure

    Kualitatem was engaged to conduct Independent security audit for the physical infrastructure of a major drilling corporation in the GCC.

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  • Performance data validation and cb testing book image

    Performance, Data Validation & CB Testing

    This case study covers the Kualitatem experience while performing data validation testing for a web based tracking portal. Client wanted to check their application behavior on different browsers.

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  • Product-Usability-Testing-

    Product Usability Testing

    The product under test was desktop based accounting system. The focus of the client, by conducting the usability testing, was to measure a desktop product’s capacity to meet its intended purpose and to make potential changes. The aim was to see how user friendly the product is by observing people at different stages of application usage.

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