Kualitee – Test Management Tool

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You thought testing was never about having fun, right?

Try Kualitee and see how we are changing the way software testing is being managed!

Project Management

Kualitee gives you the control of your end to end software test life cycle management. You can start by creating your own testing project.

Test Management Tool

Kualitee covers your test management requirements thoroughly. You can develop detailed test plan, write test scenarios, develop test cases and execute those test cases.

Defect Management Tool

Defect management gives you a detailed picture of the type of defects. You can capture a defect by reporting different aspects of abnormalities in our information-rich format.

No Software Hassle

Kualitee gives you a stress-free environment to manage your testing lifecycle. No added cost of dedicating hardware or purchasing software and running your IT operations.

Laser Focus Visibility

Kualitee gives you a laser focus visibility into your software application. You can check out the stability status any time through multiple level of reporting that is provided.

Powerful Dashboard

Kualitee’s powerful dashboard gives you a quick status of your projects as you log in.

Flexible User Controls

Kualitee provides added control over your test management lifecycle. There are multiple login categories for users according to the control provided to them. QA engineers, developers, QA manager and development manager are assigned different roles to run the entire test management activity.

Multiple Access Mediums

Bug management gives you a detailed picture of the type of defects. You can capture a bug by reporting different aspects of abnormalities in our information rich format.

Multiple Formats

Our process flow is very intuitive and helps maintain proper documentation and reports of all the activities being done.

Three Test Cycles

Typically it’s difficult to get the product stable in one testing cycle. Kualitee gives you the control to run 3 cycles using same test cases or adding new test cases in order to mature the application.

Enhanced Security

Security remains our top priority feature as we respect and understand your needs. Application security is directly associated with identity and role based access permissions.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are embedded to instantly alert the team members working on the project for any updates.