Software Testing for Retail-Ecommerce Industry

Application Testing for Retail and Ecommerce

Retail and eCommerce marketplace experience very tight profit margins. In these marketplaces, especially with the onset of industry 4.0, slight changes in price or user experience can result on creating quite the impact on consumer behavior and overall profits. Retail and eCommerce applications and software face quite a lot of traffic at times. When such occurrences do take place systems that work fine otherwise may crash under peak usage. Bugs may result due to upgrades, updates, and special sales features of apps.

At Kualitatem, we excel in providing top-notch quality assurance and information security services to our clients around the world. For retail and eCommerce, we have a dedicated team of QA engineers that help perform functional, automated, and usability testing to name a few. Read on below to find out more about our testing capabilities for retail and eCommerce.

Retail & eCommerce

Functional Testing:

We conduct functional testing to frequently test applications and software to enhance the user experience, bug-free system,  output data, and module collaborations of systems. As a result, we are to confirm if the application’s function is according to the actual requirements or not. Functional testing also aids us in conducting smoke, acceptance, and system testing.

Performance Testing:

We conduct performance testing for retail and eCommerce apps to ensure that the product is ready, the system’s configurations are optimal, and that the application fully complies with its initial requirements. With our performance testing capabilities, we enable our clients to retain their clients like a pro and enjoy the revenue from multiple streams.

Platform Compatibility Testing:

It is important to ensure compatibility of software or application across different platforms on which they exist. We specialize in conducting platform compatibility tests to ensure that the product fully works with related devices, systems, and browsers, etc.

Usability/Experience Testing:

Our eCommerce testing services include hallway, user interface, A/B, remote usability, and user experience testing on applications. This helps to increase the number of returning customers by the courtesy of a welcoming and interactive user experience.

Regression Testing:

We conduct regression testing in order to test the effect of any new requirements that become a part of the application during the development phase. We create a detailed traceability matrix, conduct dependency analysis, remove inconsistencies between current and previous releases, organize a risk-based analysis that includes FMEA, and perform continuous pruning that helps by removing obsolete test cases. With our quality retail software testing services, we are able to provide value to our clients in the form of greater ROI and client retention.

Testing Center of Excellence:

We have a testing center of excellence that enables developers to test applications and software for compliance with the right standards, selection of right tools, and necessary technologies for all necessary tests. We have an all inclusive Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) package for companies to quickly realize their potential.