Software Testing Services for Startups


Are you an early stage startup with co founders working and developing the product or have a small team of upto 5-10 developers focused on scaling? Here is what we expect you must be thinking when someone talks about TESTING…

  • Testing… our developers would do that in house
  • Testing… we are still developing, why do we need it now, maybe later
  • Testing… we need to cut the budget, testing is unaffordable at the moment
  • Testing… we don’t see any bugs in the application so far, don’t need that now
  • Testing… we are too occupied, don’t want to think about it right now

Well, all these thoughts are leading to a decreasing percentage of your success. Testing should not be considered an add on, rather an essential must do. Without quality, you can’t compete. Defective applications ruin your image and chances of success. And frankly, quality assurance is a mindset that needs to be established from start. And of course, you need to keep this activity unbiased and independent. A fresh mind can judge more accurately than the one iteratively looking into it. And testing is not too expensive either.

How Kualitatem Can Help You ?

Kualitatem, know your needs inside out and the experience has been established while working with dozens of startups. Kualitatem can provide you with:

  • Experienced test engineers at affordable cost
  • Independent test environment with already established platforms (hardware + software + configurations) for free
  • Test management and Bug management tools for free
  • High visibility into your application through established best practices
  • All the specialized testing needs at one place (functionality + performance + browser and platform compatibility etc)

Check out what few of our distinguished startups have to say about us:

Infused is a startup and Kualitatem has been working with us as our QA partners. They have helped us through setting up the automation testing framework using Selenium. Their attention to detail starting from selection of the right tool for automation and then implementing it , has helped us achieve our objectives. They have been flexible and very aware of our requirements as a startup which demands cost-effective implementation.We highly recommend Kualitatem for their services, especially to startups who are looking to deliver high quality products.

Michael Bender, CEO, Infused Industries

I have been working with Kualitatem since the summer of 2010 and they have consistently performed outstanding manual testing of our web application. As a startup, I never have sufficient resources to develop or properly test my application, so having an economical and independent QA team has been essential. Kualitatem has taken my woefully insufficient direction and management and has provided thorough and complete test plans and test cases and integrated easily with my developers. They are responsive and flexible with my constantly changing needs. Kualitatem is an outstanding value.

Chris McNeilly, CTO, Motista

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