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Mobile App Testing Services. 7.6 billion people, i.e., two-thirds of the world’s population have a smartphone and depend on mobile apps for business. Research proves that nearly 25% of users will give up using an app after the first use. Don’t let your users abandon you!

Hence, it is crucial to manage and ensure perfect performance of your app across operating systems, device models and platforms. As a mobile application testing company, we rely on only best personnel to test for clients.

Assess your products today and prepare yourself for all devices, OS and categories before you let users decide. As a mobile application testing company, we ensure that users keep using applications that clients design for them and assure seamless integrations.

Taking care of defects is what our experts are good at, and that is why Kualitatem is ranked among top QA companies.

Agility and preparedness, as well as high-quality user-friendliness and purposeful integrations are the core of any mobile app testing company and that is what we offer our clients as well.

Assisting your organization with access to flawless mobile applications is what we do best. Be it functional or performance, security or compatibility.

Kualitatem is the 360 Degree company for enhancing the readiness of our application. For an unbiased quality review, real users are the key and that is why our methods prove to be purpose centric and time saving. For a mobile application to offer great time and cost management, you need proactive mobile app testing services. As a mobile app testing company, ensuring a problem and bug-free application is our forte as we empower your business through our services.

Kualitatem, a Mobile application testing company has been working with a huge number of the global and local clientele. With faster delivery cycles a possibility, we ensure good quality testing all around. Our partners work with our experts to lead the generation of contemporary testing methods that shape the mobile testing process. Kualitatem has been working towards better understanding and actions for mobile app testing. Engage with us for our mobile app testing services today!

Kualitatem’s mobile app testing services help you deliver an outstanding user experience through agile testing practices.

Why Mobile App Testing?

Mobile app testing is necessary for every firm to maintain performance and quality of any developed app across all available devices.

It isn't just a box to tick on the development checklist; it's a crucial factor behind a successful app launch. A well-tested app translates to boosted brand reputation, soaring app store rankings, making way for a thriving business. No more user churn from buggy experiences, just loyal customers satisfied about your app's polished perfection.

The apparent benefits derived from mobile app testing include:


Automated mobile app testing will reduce your overall app test analysis cost, because of less manual work.


Mobile app testing reduces the length of time, which an app takes to be available for sale in the market.


App testing enhances the overall app quality by identifying all possible performance and security bottlenecks.


App Testing will ensure compatibility of your app with all diverse nature IT devices.


Users continue using an app that is tested and updated recurrently.


Mobile app testing will provide an end-to-end security against security vulnerabilities.

What We Test

With a blend of our mobile application testers’ skills and the latest industry practices, Kualitatem follows a 360-degree perception to avoid any negligence during mobile app testing and provides proven end-to-end mobile testing solutions.

From iOS testing to Android Testing, Kualitatem, as a mobile testing company is well-equipped to provide extensive testing of hybrid mobile apps alongside its development.

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Services We Provide
In Mobile App Testing

Mobile users hold high expectations. Hence, the usability, performance, and features of your mobile apps must satisfy your customers with great user experience. Kualitatem’s mobile app testers test on real devices (iOS, Android, and Microsoft) to identify how well your app integrates different OS and other lucrative solutions like emulators. Tailored to your app's unique needs, Kualitatem's mobile app testing strategies leave no bug unturned.

Device Hardware Testing
Cross-platform Testing
End-User Experience Testing
Mobile Accessibility Testing
Cloud-based Testing
Mobile Usability Testing
Mobile Localization Testing
Mobile Test Automation
Mobile Penetration and Security Testing

Mobile App Approach
We Follow

Elevate your game to 5-star ratings and fantastic reviews with Kualitatem's expert mobile app testing services.

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Mobile App Testing Process

  • 1
    End User Experience Testing
    • Real User Testing
    • User Reviews
  • 2
    Device Hardware Testing
    • IOS Hardware Testing
    • Android Hardware Testing
  • 3
    Cross Platform Testing
    • Compatibility Analysis
    • Real Platform Analysis
  • 4
    App Adaptability Testing
    • Operating System Adaptability
    • Device Adaptability
  • 5
    Communication Medium Testing
    • App Wireless Testing

Industries We Cover

Big industries. Big names. Our long-standing reputation in serving a wide variety of industries is our key to success.

Not only do we understand different test requirements, we deliver flexible solutions that best fit your industry-specific needs.

Communication & Media Entertainment