Testing Software for Public Services

With the increasing demand for security & data privacy, the public sectors require technical expertise and resources. Government, education, and healthcare applications require extensive testing endeavors to prove their reliability, quality, and security.

Kualitatem has a broad spectrum of testing expertise towards public services which are meticulously designed to meet the challenges of increasing customer expectations, emerging business models, stiff compliance requirements, & evolving technological changes. We have developed industry-specific expertise in providing software testing services for government, education, and healthcare domains. With our deep industry knowledge, we are able to deliver quality work.

Public Services

Automation Testing:

Public services apps are massive in terms of testing scope and maintenance. The best way to handle that is automation testing. Kualitatem specializes in providing the right mix of licensed and open source tools to help achieve a balance of time and money. We have a wide skill set across creating and maintaining solutions for functional and performance automation. In simple terms, we are a one-stop shop for all test automation needs.

Functional Testing:

Companies that require frequent testing of apps across web, mobile, or enterprise desktop platform often require the expertise of public services testing companies. Functional testing helps to elevate customer experiences, remove bugs, generate good output data, test system units, and correct module collaborations of systems to name a few. We also conduct smoke, acceptance, and system tests.

Compatibility Testing:

Kualitatem has experienced testers who are HIPAA and ICD- 10 certified and well versed with medical policies, procedures, and documentation systems. We also have resources with capabilities in the government and education sectors. We have a rich pool of test cases which helps us cut down time-to-market for apps and ensure quality and compliance as per critical standards.

Usability/ Experience Testing:

For government, education, and healthcare usability/experience testing holds the position of a cornerstone for any application or software. If an application does not have a good user experience, appealing font, or good accessibility options then all the work taken into its development may go into vain after all the effort. For usability/experience testing we conduct hallway, UI, A/B, remote usability, and UX tests.

Mobile Testing:

With a world-class test lab in place, Kualitatem ensures that every app is optimized for key mobile devices across multiple operating platforms such as iOS, Android, and windows phone.

Accessibility Testing:

We conduct accessibility testing to test our client’s accessibility features available to their customers in the healthcare, government, and education sectors. Accessibility features are a must for apps and software developed for the public sectors. For an all-inclusive experience, we take it personally to ensure a smooth experience for people who are deaf, color blind, or suffer from any similar disadvantage. We have tested accessibility features by complying with international best practices such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
We excel in testing accessibility features for their proficiency in catering to people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.

Load Testing:

With exceedingly high remedial costs associated with performance centric issues, it has become critical ever to ensure that a system conforms well to performance and volume targets. Kualitatem adapts a holistic approach towards understanding your performance needs, as well as identifying the performance deterrents you might be facing.

Regression Testing:

We have an expertly tailored regression test approach to perform effective regression testing for all your public service applications & software. We outline requirements against test cases in a detailed traceability matrix, perform dependency analysis, check inconsistencies between current and previous releases, conduct risk-based analysis that includes FMEA, and ensure continuous pruning by removing the obsolete test cases. Moreover, we also add up additional test cases.


With security breaches on the rise, application level testing takes on new importance. With a range of conformance standards, security becomes a key testing area for apps.

Kualitatem has the right set of skills and security testing tools to perform comprehensive penetration and security testing. Kualitatem contributes to security assessments in various phases such as compliance and implementations.

Testing Center of Excellence:

As other industries embrace the Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) model, the public services sector also needs to make that switch. Introduction of standards, testing processes, test tools & methods will facilitate all major kinds of testing types & hence ensure scalable and robust applications. An all-inclusive TCoE package for public services helps to achieve a comprehensive and scalable testing framework for evolving public service organizations.