Testing Software for Infrastructure & Agriculture

Agriculture Industry Testing Application

Even though agriculture is the oldest human profession it is only recently that digitization is beginning to impact the agriculture industry.
Moreover, the focus on developing better agricultural infrastructures and infrastructure, in general, is also increasing. This is because today’s technologies are playing a key part to help create infrastructural & agricultural facilities and systems that aid in boosting economy & generating profits. When it comes to infrastructure, companies operating in the energy and utility sectors such as in the smart grids, and power flow control also require impenetrable & efficient apps & software. Companies creating quality apps and software in the infrastructure & agriculture industry have a lot of profits to realize if they do it right with quality agriculture industry testing of apps.

Kualitatem is a Gartner acclaimed quality assurance and information security provider. Today, it is crucial for companies competing in the infrastructure and agriculture industry to deliver with quality. Our highly efficient infrastructure industry testing & quality assurance services help companies retain customers and enjoy higher profits.

Infrastructure & Agriculture

Functional Testing:

An agricultural app or software connects many people with each other. From vendors to farmers, and businessmen to laymen.
Functional testing enables organizations to test apps across web, mobile, or enterprise desktop platforms that require frequent manual testing. Companies are, consequently, able to enhance the user experience, remove functional bugs, deliver output data effectively, test units of each system, allow QA team to correct module collaborations of systems and clear identification of different functions. Moreover, functional testing also aids in smoke, acceptance, and system testing.

Performance Testing:

Performance testing helps in assessing product readiness, comparing system configurations, identifying problem sources, making informed decisions, and evaluating quality of an IT system against performance criteria to name a few. With our performance testing capabilities, thrive in the era of digital technologies with an app that has no bugs or defects whatsoever.

Usability/Experience Testing:

In the infrastructure and agriculture industry, usability testing plays a vital part in retaining and satisfying customer needs. Our capabilities in hallway, user interface, A/B, remote usability, and user experience testing aids companies realizing greater profits in the infrastructure and agriculture industry. We single out bugs early on, ensure accuracy of results, test apps with users, refine readability, enhance web accessibility to deliver an immaculate user experience.

Platform Compatibility Testing:

A company must have a presence on virtually all platforms to invoke customer interest. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure compatibility of software or application across multiple platforms. Platform compatibility tests ensure product adjustment with available devices, systems, and browsers etc. They also aid in making IT product work well with other devices and improve app quality as a whole. After platform compatibility testing, the product is ready for release.

Regression Testing:

When it comes to infrastructure and agriculture industry regression testing is quite important. Changes to the application in the form of bug fixes, functionality enhancement, integrations, or patches can product outputs that do not meet one’s requirements. We have the expertise of conducting regression testing without an impact on the required output. When we conduct regression testing, we create a detailed traceability matrix, conduct dependency analysis, remove inconsistencies between current and previous releases, organize a risk-based analysis that includes FMEA, output from code coverage etc., and perform continuous pruning that helps by removing obsolete test cases.

Testing Center of Excellence:

In the infrastructure and agriculture industry, it is of pivotal importance for companies to test the quality of all their applications and software. In such an instance, a testing center of excellence plays a vital part in ensuring that the company follows the right standards, uses the right tools, practices the best methods, and tests for all necessary tests. We have an all-inclusive TCoE package that helps companies in scaling up faster and realizing their true business potential.