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Kualitatem Inc. is an award winning security testing and auditing company and has been working with security giants i.e. McAfee, IBM, HP and Symantec in the field of security audit, implementation and assessment. Our dedicated team of test engineers and security experts are well motivated and determined to provide valuable expertise and solutions to counter security threats and inadequacies. We ensure the protection and fortification of your management information systems, networks and VOIPS by eradicating and diminishing all possible security leaks and lapses. As we follow the focused strategy, we have achieved the distinctive competitive advantage in this segment of niche market. High degree of innovation, quality, efficiency and customer responsiveness are our core competencies that enabled us to differentiate ourselves well in the market.

The wide range of testimonials and recommendations from the world’s top enterprises is an open evidence of our quality and excellence. With the most affordable pricing in the industry, we believe in catering all scale and sectors of businesses.

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Security And Risk Assessment

Are you concerned about your business security threats and want to know the risks involved? With rap ...

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Cloud Security Assessments

Corporate businesses are shifting towards cloud due to the benefits in form of reduced cost, softwar ...

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Cyber Security Testing

Information assets are the key behind any business’ success. Cyber security testing services must ...

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Penetration Testing

Kualitatem follows a comprehensive and straightforward approach towards grasping your product’s pe ...

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Code Reviews

Code reviews help determine the coding standards and let you improve the quality of the application ...

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Audit, Assurance And Implementation

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning are the vital activities for any critica ...

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