Protecting Gold from Hijackers: How a New York Asset Management Firm Secured Its Apps


A well-respected veteran name in its industry, our client enjoyed the trust of some of the world’s
most prominent financiers, investors, wealth managers, and gold retailers. Its technology platform
formed its core offering, enabling the trade and tracking of millions of dollars in gold assets.
But routine security testing uncovered serious vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to control user
sessions and smuggle sensitive data, representing potentially catastrophic financial and
reputational consequences


Team Kualitatem delivered extensive Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing to determine the extent of the security issues.
Our team tested 5 key asset groups covering the entirety of the client’s web applications and discovered 14 distinct vulnerabilities, including 3 high-severity vulnerabilities.
We reported these discoveries to the client’s internal team for patching, enabling our client to deliver on its promise of seamless & secure gold trading.

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