Software Testing for Telecom Industry

Telecom Testing Application

Companies providing telecom testing services understand that it is quite a complex job and many components require testing. Our telecom testing solutions address the challenges posed by new and upcoming technologies like IoT, customer demand for better quality, device fragmentation support, and information security. We pride ourselves on delivering quality testing services that are acclaimed by top tier research and advisory firms such as Gartner.

Our thought leaders & consultants specialize in both implementation and testing services. We help our customers transform their applications into viable products with rigorous software testing. We provide end-to-end software testing services that entail automation testing, functional testing, mobile app testing, usability testing, and performance testing, to name a few. Our services enable our clients to experience a reduction in costs and an increase in the overall efficiency of operations. Gartner also recognizes us as a top player globally for application testing services.


Automation Testing:

When we do test automation, we prioritize to generate effective results. We prioritize the fitness of the application with respect to release cycles, the complexity of the landscape, and functionalities. This results in an immaculate regression and risk-based test suite for on-demand execution. Automation aids greatly in reducing costs.

Functional Testing:

A telecom system connects many people, devices, and systems with one another. Functional testing helps enterprises to test apps across multiple platforms. Functional testing also helps to do away with the hassle of frequent manual testing. With functional testing, we are able to aid enterprises in retaining customers by removing bugs and delivering output data efficiently. We also use functional testing to aid us in smoke, acceptance, and system testing.

Usability/Experience Testing:

In the telecom industry, usability testing is key. We perform hallway, UI, A/B, remote usability, and UX testing to aid companies in enjoying greater ROIs in the telecom industry. Our QA teams help detect bugs at early stages, ensure accuracy of product results, evaluate user experience, refine web site readability, and measure change for overall improvement.

Regression Testing:

Telecom industry requires regression testing because there may be many changes that affect the application in the form of bug fixes, functionality enhancement, integrations, or patches altering the product requirements. We have the necessary skill set to conduct regression testing in the telecom industry without impacting the desired output in a haphazard manner. We conduct regression testing with a detailed traceability matrix, a dependency analysis, a check between current and previous releases, a risk-based analysis that includes FMEA, output from code coverage, etc., and a continuous pruning that helps by removing obsolete test cases.

Testing Center of Excellence:

A testing center of excellence greatly aids in introducing standards, testing processes, using test tools, and test methods that reap the best benefits for the telecom industry. We have the necessary proficiency and a decade-long experience of testing for the telecom industry. Our all-inclusive TCoE package for telecom is based on a reliable framework that enables organizations to scale up their businesses and process.