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A leading Software Testing, Quality Assurance, and Information Security company, offering its services to a wide global clientele. Being a certified TMMi Level 4 testing services provider, Kualitatem is a trusted name that helps you achieve software quality, defect-free deployments, and timely software releases. Let our team of highly skilled software testers assist you in driving your business to success. We've got you covered.

Managed Testing Services

We deliver End-to-End Testing services that help organizations deliver high-quality software to meet their business needs.

Automation Testing Services

Kualitatem’s Automation Services offer a comprehensive solution that includes test automation tools, consulting, and best practices in processes.

Performance Testing Services

With the help of our Performance Testing Services, we can help you ensure that your applications are responsive, scalable, and reliable for real world use.

Mobile App Testing Services

We provide Mobile App Testing services to help you ensure that your mobile apps are bug-free, user-friendly, and compatible with all devices.

TMMi Consulting Services

Kualitatem’s TMMi Consulting Services are tailored to your specific needs and are used to assess your current test process, identify gaps, and develop a roadmap for improvement.

Security Code Reviews

Our Security Code Review services help you find and fix security vulnerabilities in your code before they become a problem.

Penetration Testing Services

By utilizing our Penetration Testing services, we can help you improve the security of your systems, reduce the risk of data breaches, and comply with security regulations.

IT Risk & Compliance Services

Kualitatem helps organizations identify, mitigate, and manage IT risks to achieve compliance with industry regulations and standards.


Ahmet Gündüz


Kualitatem served in our mobile app project very professionally, delivered very good quality in testing and worked cooperatively with us.

Arsalan Qureshi

Arab National Bank

Kualitatem has immense experience in conducting stress testing, especially testing of APIs over APIgee platform. This experience lead us to identify infrastructure and application bottleneck leading to great increase in performance and stability.

John Mankarios

QInvest LLC

Kualitatem Pentesting has done a magnificent in-depth analysis of our service & servers with a focus on the security of our systems, customers' and investors' data. The recommendations have improved our security significantly and improved our confidence in ... More

Habeeb Ur Rahman

Merit Incentives LLC

Kualitatem had very structured approach on the penetration testing and defined the scope at the start of project with clear timelines which helped us align

Nayab Javed Meer

MENA Assistance

The team is experienced and well-versed in many different situations. Whenever our clients or external auditors came up with a compliance situation team was there to help.

Sajjad Baloch

Bayan Credit Bureau

Bayan has been using Information Security services from Kualitatem. The team is extra ordinarily professional and their expertise are second to none. Sure to do work with again.

Naeem Asad


Excellent work performed by Kualitatem security team. We are happy with their overall performance.

Sudhir Mishra

Vertical Bridge

Satisfied with the work so far. Looking forward to bringing the automation in use for the company to improve quality. Looking forward to continue making this great partnership for both ends.

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