Quality Policy

The management & employees of Kualitatem, are committed to provide high quality software testing and QA services and to comply all Quality Management System requirements during client data handling, processing, testing & QA activities and has established a system that includes organizational structure, policies, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources to manage Quality Management System. Furthermore they are also committed to:

  • Achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring that all team members understand & meet customer requirements.
  • To introduce new tools and technology which meet the customer desires
  • Effectiveness of Quality Management System is assured through achievement of set objectives & targets and continual improvement of organization’s processes.
  • Promote strong business relations with all of its Stakeholders
  • Compliance of applicable legal and other requirements
  • Strive to provide quality (timely delivery and error free) products & services on regular basis in order to achieve & enhance our customer’s reliability.

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