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“Why can’t I find what I am looking for?” This familiar frustrating feeling is an experience we all have been through when visiting websites online. But, what if that’s what your users feel when they visit your business website? Poor usability can directly affect your customer loyalty, and consequently, affect your sales as well as brand reputation. Your application should be easy to learn, use and navigate and satisfactorily meets your customers’ expectations.

Kualitatem’s Usability Team makes sure that your website or application works in realistic business set-up and use cases that simulate real user behavior. Our usability testing solutions help to provide you an extensive evaluation of your product’s functionality by inspecting, recognizing, and scaling the issues in the core features of your product to suggest prospects for improvement. A widely acclaimed usability testing company, we have been delivering our services to top conglomerates in the Fortune-1000 companies.

Kualitatem’s highly adaptable and knowledge-driven approach for usability testing services can help you enhance your UI and UX experience for improved customer satisfaction.

Why Usability Testing?

Every app developer should consider usability testing to see user reactions and possible areas for improvement before the application is rolled out to users.

The apparent benefit derived from usability testing includes:


Usability testing helps design & development teams to detect bugs at an earlier stage of development.


Usability testing ensures the accuracy of product results at the time of its release in the market.


Usability testing evaluates how much time participants takes to complete a successful task.


Usability testing makes sure that users are fully satisfied with your designed Web site or App.


Usability testing measures identify the changes required to improve overall performance.


Usability test analysis measures will make an IT product more efficient by meeting the required development criteria.

Services We Provide In Usability Testing

Why let slow application performance affect your business revenue, credibility, and customer satisfaction? At Kualitatem, we integrate our methodical performance engineering practices earlier into the software development lifecycle to guarantee that applications are reliable under normal as well as extreme conditions.

  • Hallway Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Expert Review
  • A/B Testing
  • Remote Usability Testing
  • UX Testing

Usability Testing Approach We Follow

Usability testing allows the design and development teams to identify the issues to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and end-user satisfaction. We follow a simple approach to help you enhance your product’s usability to attain greater levels of success and customer reliability.

Usability Testing Process

Industries We Cover

Big industries. Big names. Our long-standing reputation in serving a wide variety of industries is our key to success.

Not only do we understand different test requirements, we deliver flexible solutions that best fit your industry-specific needs

Technology Support We Offer in Usability Testing

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