5 Strategies to Make Usability Testing…Simpler!


A misconception that needs to be addressed.

People who think that usability testing takes a lot of time and is needless cost investment need to be told that this testing type will, in fact, save their time and cost in the future.

Testing mobile apps, web apps, and interfaces aren’t complicated at all. If you go the right way, usability testing will help you make necessary modifications in your product to guarantee that your users are satisfied with the end product.

Here are 5 strategies to make usability testing simpler:

1. Test early

If you think one should wait till the product is ready to be launched and get it tested before releasing it is where you’re making the biggest business mistake. You should, in fact, involves testing during the development and planning stage. The earlier you test, the earlier you’ll identify bugs and issues in the systems and have them fixed before you take the development process to next level. Usability tests don’t take long periods but can save you from hassles and loss in the long run.

2. Test occasionally

Testing isn’t a one-time activity. In fact, set up a date every month to test your product. This way, you can ensure no issues have arisen in the period until the last time you tested and the progress is going smooth. You can either hire a professional team of usability testing solutions provider and allow them to test your application. This will help you plan your tasks and streamline the whole process. By planning things ahead of time, the process will remain smooth all the way until the release of the end product.

3. Pay Attention to only the Most Vital Issues

After your product is tested and the report has been presented, prioritize your issues for fixing in terms of their significance. You will most likely be seeing a lot of issues and bugs identified in the report. Hence, it is imperative to first choose the most key issues from the list and then work on fixing them accordingly.

4. Involve users and take their feedback

Although you can assign only three testers to work on the checking the usability, regular taking feedback or suggestions from users can help you level up your product too. You can even try by other people working in your organizations. Ask them about their experience of using your product, question them on their liking and disliking about it, hold open discussions. These sessions can help you acquire versatile ideas that could not only be highly creative, but lucrative at the same time.

5. Tweak and modify till you get ‘quality’

You have the issues pointed out and you need to now get them fixed. However, while fixing them, you can always make some necessary modifications and get tweaking done to solve the issue in an innovative way. Instead of trying to bring perfection, maybe a small change can do wonders. Focus on what takes the least time and get a maximum appraisal from your users. Redesigning can be pretty time-consuming, not to mention the effort involved in getting it done. Besides, in trying to make one feature, you might accidentally impair the functionality of another feature.

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