Safeguarding Physical Spaces through Vulnerability Assessment & Pen Testing – IoT VAPT


IoT VAPT Case Study – As a key player in visitor management & premises access control through IoT and cloud-based identity and access management. Our client served several Fortune 100 clients and major corporations around the world. Its customers relied on its core product to keep their offices, factory floors, classrooms, hospitals, retail shops, hotel rooms, and private spaces safe from intruders. The product offered unprecedented levels of flexibility and control. Its tech stack enabled IT teams and developers to build their own custom solutions on top of their wealth of features. The software platform was a gamechanger in its field, transforming access management. But its own access controls were broken. A routine security check by Kualitatem uncovered deep vulnerabilities allowing hostile actors complete control of all devices and databases the platform used, rendering its core product useless.

Solution – IoT VAPT Case Study

Team Kualitatem pivoted from a routine check to extensive Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. Performing offensive security across the entire landscape of the client’s SaaS platform and product. Our team tested 23 key asset groups including APIs, web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and the IoT device. We found 30+ medium to critical vulnerabilities in each asset group, sharing them with the client’s internal teams to patch.

Services Offered by Kualitatem:

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

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