How A Saudi University Achieved NCA Compliance in Just 30 Days – NCA Compliance


NCA Compliance Case Study – As part of Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia developed the ECC framework as a regulatory requirement for all government and government-affiliated organizations. ECC compliance is a key component of the Kingdom’s digital transformation strategy. It normally requires 6-9 months of effort, but the university only had 30 days before its compliance audit. Each of the university’s 13 colleges functioned as distinct and semi-autonomous organizations, with centralized IT and Administration departments. The audit covered the compliance status of not only central departments but also each college.

Solution – NCA Compliance Case Study

Team Kualitatem arrived on-ground to immediately support the university’s IT and Cybersecurity departments in achieving compliance in record time. Creating 65+ policies, our work covered 5 Cybersecurity Domains, 29 Cybersecurity Subdomains, and 114 Cybersecurity Controls included within the ECC.

Service Offered by Kualitatem:


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