How A Major Telecom Provider Secured Data for 20+ Million Subscribers – Telecom – Cyber Security Framework Implementation

Challenge – Telecom Cybersecurity Case Study

Telecom Cybersecurity Case Study – The client faced significant security and reputational risks from its lack of information security compliance. Because of the lack of internal standards, it struggled with data explosion, threats to its network security, and aggressive competition. The client relied heavily on several partners including franchises, retailers, cloud service providers, managed service providers – all of whom had access to its infrastructure and data, adding considerably to its exposure. Additionally, it faced barriers to doing business because of regulatory requirements mandating compliance.

Solution – Telecom Cybersecurity Case Study

With a portfolio of delivering similar services in the telecom sector to clients such as Du Telecom, Mobilink (now owned by VEON as Jazz), and Wateen Telecom (Abu Dhabi Group), Kualitatem was able to leverage its domain expertise to implement both the telecommunications internal cybersecurity framework as well as ISO 27001. A total of 375 controls covering both the internal framework and ISO 27001 were implemented along with over 65 policies. These impacted more than 22 departments and functions within the organization.

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