How a Multinational Software Company Brought Its Security Up to Code with ISO27001


This transition to ISO 27001:2022 posed several difficulties for our client, a leading software company whose certification featured prominently as a key business driver. The foremost challenge was to ensure new & revised clauses were fully integrated into the existing Information Security Management System (ISMS) without compromising operational efficiency. This was easier said than done, as the company’s operations had grown over the years to span three countries across two continents. Additionally, three new departments (Marketing, PMO, and QA) had to be brought into compliance with the ISO framework. This required a comprehensive assessment of their unique processes, risks, and security needs prior to a tailored implementation. It also entailed greater effort in training, especially for members of the newly formed departments.


We approached the transition with a structured strategy. The company invested in training key stakeholders and the teams of the newly included departments to enhance adherence and long-term shifts in organizational practices. Leveraging our expertise in cybersecurity solutions, we updated the company’s ISMS to align with the updated & expanded scope of ISO 27001:2022.

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