Testing Center Of Excellence

A Testing Center of Excellence delivers proven results by helping companies optimize application quality and performance, improve alignment between business and IT and hence increases QA efficiency. Implementing a successful TCoE requires thoughtful steps, which include gap analysis, organization wide acceptance, process definition, tool selection and other necessary adjustments. In our experience, a TCoE initiative can only succeed if it has strong executive sponsorship and support of the entire organization or an autonomous business unit. Yet, the benefits of having a fully functional TCoE can far outweigh the initial effort and risk, and measurable results can be obtained in a relatively short time.

Why would my organization require a TCoE ?

Its about time to implement a TCoE when your organization is challenged with one or more of the following factors:

Why Kualitatem?

Kualitatem has devised a phased approach for the establishment of a TCoE which helps it to evolve from a small test team into a full-fledged quality services center for organization wide testing needs. Our TCoE implementation model is derived from our extensive experience of implementing test process in various organizations as well as best practices derived from standards like Testing Maturity Model (TMMi) and HP Maturity Model. This integrated approach is customized to be made fully compliant to individual client requirements as well as keeping it scalable enough to be made compliant against the standards for certifications in future if desired. The diagram below presents an overview of our TCoE Model:

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