Automation Testing Services

Automation Testing Services

Drive Your Business Outcomes with Automated Software Testing

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Having experts in the field of testing is one of the most gifted and rare things any Quality Assurance and automation testing company dreams of. Kualitatem has a number of experts that have spent years learning the art of Automation Testing services through rigorous various ways. From the test scenarios to the reporting, we hone the art of managing client expectations in delivering the best product release. Following the excessive assertive protocols of Automation testing services, we make sure that test scenarios reach results that are bug-free. Test scenarios are written by personnel at Kualitatem with the utmost experience and assess the load, stress and performance testing.

With one goal in mind, that is, to increase test efficiency, and develop a value for software, we take into account the latest methods and manners for automation testing. Connections, GUI items, forms, validations of fields, are all a part of what we look to test as an automation testing company. With a number of clients all around the globe, we have had much anticipation and appreciation and hone the craft now more than ever. From choosing scripts, building results and reports, writing and developing suites, or getting the appropriate automation testing tool, be carefree with Kualitatem and secure your product and increase efficiency.

Kualitatem helps your automation testing needs with best industry practices that catapult user-experience with bug-free products.

Why Automation Testing?

Automation testing is for every organization creating apps across web, mobile or enterprise desktop platform that requires frequent manual testing.

The apparent benefits derived from test automation include:


Reduce overall test analysis cost due to less involvement of manual work.


Reduce development time due to increased testing speed.


Enhance software quality, as it removes the possible human risk during QA process.


Optimize resource usage by reducing the time required to execute a test.


Allow testers to reuse library of test assets that can be quickly executed.


Improved efficiency, shorter test cycles, and increased test coverage by automating repetitive tests.

Services We Provide In Test Automation

Kualitatem’s Automation Testing Service is a full stack solution dealing with test automation consultancy, best practice processes and necessary technology to enhance the quality of application industry independently.

  • Assessment and ROI Analysis
  • Framework implementation
  • Tool
  • Script development
  • Execution and maintenance of test scripts
  • Automated Regression testing

Test Automation Approach We Follow

You know why 60% of test automation projects fail Because of wrong implementation and an unorganized plan of action. We follow meticulously designed systematic approach based on our deep industry and technology understanding that align with client’s business goals.

Automation Testing Process


  • Understanding of Business Requirements
  • Evaluation of Testing Requirements
  • Tool and Technology Selection


  • Defining Scope and Resources
  • Preparing Test Cases
  • Tool Installation and Configuration


  • Framework Implementation
  • Script Preparation


  • Test Case Execution Result Capturing
  • Review and Analysis


  • Defect and Error Reporting

Industries We Cover

Big industries. Big names. Our long-standing reputation in serving a wide variety of industries is our key to success.

Not only do we understand different test requirements, we deliver flexible solutions that best fit your industry-specific needs

Tools We Use In Automation Testing

We use top-of-the-line automated testing tools in our testing labs and continue upgrading our skill set in using the latest tools and adopting best practices.

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