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Accessibility Testing Services – In the US alone, 56.7 million Americans (18.7% of U.S population) have some sort of disability. Imagine having a website that is not user-friendly for such a large proportion of people. Similarly, in Canada 22% Canadians had at least one disability according to a survey in 2017.

Accessibility testing solutions ensure that large populations of people with disabilities get access to a smooth functioning website that is engaging, inviting, and user-friendly. A person with special needs requires special care and attention. We take pride in enabling companies to deliver seamless user experiences that are designed more thoughtfully.

A good website must have accessibility features that comply with international web accessibility guidelines. Kualitatem’s accessibility testing team makes sure that your website complies with the necessary web accessibility guidelines. We have prior experience of testing for WCAG 2.0 (A, AA, AAA).


Our proven accessibility testing methodology across various industry verticals enables us to help you deliver your services via a website that has the best accessibility features. Moreover, we specialize in identifying, managing, and resolving any issues that your users may encounter while using your website.

Ensure everyone enjoys a seamless experience with your software. Kualitatem, your trusted accessibility testing partner, offers comprehensive web accessibility testing services, including mobile app accessibility testing. We thoroughly assess both web and mobile platforms for compliance with global standards, helping you build inclusive and user-friendly digital experiences for all.

Kualitatem can help you deliver accessibility features that comply with the highest of international standards and enable you to tap the potential of a large number of prospective buyers and customers.

Why Accessibility Testing?

Reach wider audiences, boost engagement, and build trust with Kualitatem's top accessibility testing for web and mobile.

Some of the advantages of investing in accessibility testing services are:

Get user satisfaction

Assess user satisfaction for accessibility features with testing groups

Get critical insights

Get important insights into how people will use your platform, such as the duration a user takes to perform a task

Build accuracy before release

Verify accuracy of results at the time of market release

Achieve performance improvement

Identify areas of improvement for better performance of your website and apps

Detect potential usability issues that people with disabilities might face

Identify accessibility bugs beforehand to prevent any distress to potential users

Services We Provide
in Accessibility Testing

We understand that good accessibility features on a website play a key role in the success of your business. With good and standard-compliant accessibility features you enjoy greater ROI, client retention, and market opportunities. Moreover, our testing capabilities guarantee that your website is reliable and functions just as you intend it to.
Get professional accessibility testing support with Kualitatem.

Hallway Testing
UI Testing
Expert Review
A/B Testing
Remote Accessbility Testing
UX Testing

Accessibility Testing Approach
We Follow

Our testing team will enable your development team to easily resolve any bugs or errors in your accessibility features. We follow a simple approach to enable our clients in delivering their products effectively and efficiently.

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Accessibility Testing Process

  • 1
    Tools Assessment
    • Estimate Business Requirements
    • Select Tools and Technology
  • 2
    Designing and Planning
    • Prepare Resources
    • Enlist Solutions
  • 3
    Usability Test Optimization
    • Implement Framework
    • Prepare Usability Scripts
  • 4
    Test Case Execution
    • Capture Test Results
    • Analyze and Review
  • 5
    Test Reporting
    • Verify Tests
    • Prepare Reports

Industries We Cover

Big industries. Big names. Our long-standing reputation in serving a wide variety of industries is our key to success.

Not only do we understand different test requirements, we deliver flexible solutions that best fit your industry-specific needs

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