Performance Testing of Temenos T-24


BOK had to move to the Temenos T24 solution. It partnered with Kualitatem, an award-winning software testing firm to help in their migration. BOK needed to load test its web and mobile apps. The purpose was to test if the T24 model is going to be sufficient for expected 2000-3000 concurrent users.


BOK had the vision to become the best bank with digital banking services across the country. BOK was migrating from traditional banking to digital banking solutions to keep pace with the evolving market trends and consumer expectations. While BOK moved to Temenos T24 solution, it was expected to speed up their game in the market. For this, BOK had chosen Kualitatem to load and performance test their applications for any performance bottlenecks.

Service offered by Kualitatem:

Performance Testing.

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