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Security Architecture Review And Design

With an extremely dynamic technology, knowledge and threat scenarios, it is imperative that an organization has a robust and impenetrable architecture to support various technological implementations as well as vital information. The global expansions and reach of businesses has pressed the need for state of the art networks and architectures. A secure network architecture both local and wide area acts as major veins for seamless operations and survival of the business. The security of the network largely depends on various security products adequately implemented which lays a strong foundation for a safe computing environment and other best practices. Our security architecture review and design service ensures that a robust, cutting edge and effective security is built into your network from a vendor neutral point of view and defence in depth approach. A vendor solution that works for one company may not be the best one for you and hence after thorough assessment of your infrastructure, we recommend solutions and designs that will work best for your business needs by working with the technical and business managers.

The gains from this approach will be a Security Architecture reviewing and designing that will provide you with an end-to-end security solution, and ensure that you will always be provided with the proper level of protection, at an appropriate cost, even as threats continue to evolve at the same speed as that of the technology.

Process Description:

Scoping: Identify scope of the Audit as well as project planning, scheduling and resourcing

Requirement Analysis: This phase involves discussions with business personnel and IT personnel and understanding the business as well as system connectivity requirements. Then an assessment of threats to business in light of this information

Requirements & Best Practices: The gathered business and IT requirements are mapped with available security solutions and develop criteria to evaluate various security vendors for client’s facilitation.

Documentation: Documentation should include a review of current network architecture and proposed redesigned security architecture.

Architecture Improvement: Security postured can only be improved with a successful implementation of the proposed architecture. Kualitatem consultants are well versed with various technologies and can help in the deployment of these products and a periodic review of architecture.

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