Offshore Software Testing Services

Offshore Software Testing Company with EXPERTS FROM THE WORLD

Offshore software testing is the gist of development in today’s fast paced information technology market, and software testing companies are closely tied to the process.

The evolution of software through various development phases is an intriguing phenomenon that maps out the success and utility of the program when it reaches the end user.

Software testing with Experts from the world

Kualitatem is a software testing company that provides comprehensive software testing services for all clients big and small, near and far. We offer offshore software testing services as well.
We have a panel of expert testers who work creatively and diligently to ensure a bug free software and a smooth running application of your own.

Feasibility and convenience of the end user is the eventual goal that we are looking at, be they anywhere in any part of the world



With our standing strong in the city of New York, rest assured with our services in both Software testing and Information Security. Rather than plain old testing, we have gathered local experts with industry insights to work around and provide best services. 


Be at ease if you’re in the great gulf state of UAE for all your Software testing and Information Security needs. Our office in UAE houses experts from the field of technology with wonderful experience and knowledge to take care of your requirements. 


Our workforce works tirelessly, day and night, to provide best services no matter where they are. With industry knowledge and insight we have dealt with numerous clients from KSA. 


Having a workforce with the right set of experience in QA and information Security, let us deal with your Software testing and Quality Assurance Needs with the latest, cutting-edge technology and integrations. 


Our main office in Pakistan has a big workforce that deals with software testing and information security needs. Regardless of how and where you are, our offshore testing services are best for your needs 

Verticals offered Offshore Testing Services

  • Health
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Government

Latest Software Testing Solutions

We, at Kualitatem, aim at providing well-rounded software testing solutions to the clients. Including functional testing, penetration testing, automation testing, usability testing, responsive testing, platform compatibility testing, accessibility testing, and mobile app testing. Our quality assurance solutions provide a surgical transformation to software and applications. 

We have developed products for our software testing services that get your testing needs in sync with the tools. Our QA services company ensures that you are always in touch with your projects and bugs that are identified along the way. 

Integrations for a smooth testing lifecycle

We work with various integrations like Jira, Selenium, Jenkins and which enables the user to better manage the teams. And also perform project management in a more sophisticated manner.

Timeliness is a significant factor in software testing and our sophisticated network of integrations and synchronized applications. Ensuring that you never miss out on a development during the course of test cycle. 

Being a top quality assurance company and software testing services company, we work with experts trained for perfection and fueled by dedication. This is why we claim to offer the best software testing services in the market brimming with competitors.