Tahawul Tech Hosts Digital Transformation Forum with Kualitatem

  • October 25, 2017
  • Asim Slicky Media

October, 24, 2017: Kualitatem collaborated with CPI Media Group and Tahawul Tech as the official software testing partner for Evolve Digital Transformation Forum in Dubai, UAE held on Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

The agenda of the event was aligned to address the primacies of the Middle East’s IT industry for promoting innovation and the need to invest in regional technology.

With an assemblage of approximately 300 C-level executives, including business heads and technology leaders, the event outlined how the GCC is progressing in its global approach to technology.

Tahawul Tech and Kualitatem

Kualitatem’s Chief Marketing Officer, Khurram Mir thought the event was well-organized. Such events provide a platform that not only promote social networking with like-minded technologists and enthusiast looking to invest in the IT sector, but will bring everyone’s attention towards boost funding for tech start-ups. He further described participating at the event as an exceptional experience for business as well as various attendants shared their own experiences related to digital transformation, which resonated with Kualitatem’s experiences with various clients.

The event revolved around various discussion, Q&A, speaking, and networking sessions with Bayt.com co-founder and CTO Akram Assaf; Yallacompare CFO Jonathan Rawling; MBME CEO Ali Kassab; Sellanyhome.com co-founder and CEO Omar Chihane and Telr.com co-founder and CEO Sirish Kumar, among others, invited as speakers for panel discussions.

According to Omar Chihane, “The real differentiator in the coming years will be the ways that e-commerce platforms drive experience across physical and digital channels. Brick and mortar retail will not die out, but online platforms have the power to access a global audience, which represents a massive opportunity.”

“Middle East technology in 2017 – e-commerce” was one of the hottest topics in the agenda. Subsequent to Amazon’s acquisition of Souq.com, in addition to the successful launch of $1 billion platform Noon, the region has vastly experienced an upsurge in the world of online purchasing, however, it still has far ahead to go.