“Good enough” is just not good enough

We believe that there are no shortcuts to success. A product must work perfectly, without exception, if it hopes to succeed. But that’s easier said than done.

Kualitatem helps you realize that dream by taking care of the tedious software testing & quality assurance process for you. Our team of top-tier testers will put your product through a multitude of rigorous, purpose-built test processes, and identify even the most elusive bugs.

We do all the leg-work, so you could do what you do best:

Dream even bigger, crazier ideas!

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Mobile Apps

See your app top the

See your app top the charts. Check for reliability, device compatibility, performance and user experience.

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Web Apps

Launch your app with

Ensure compatibility across browsers, devices, OS, you name it.

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Desktop Apps

Stop worrying about functionality, performance or security.

Test across systems for validation, verification, compatibility.

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Testing Center of Excellence

Establish your own Quality Assurance team within the organization. Optimize application quality and performance, improve alignment between business and IT, increasing overall efficiency.

Align Business Needs

Start business driven testing, adapt to change management and standardize processes, practices, guidelines and templates

Optimize App Quality

Drive results through skilled and specialized independent testing platform centralized for the organization

Increase QA Efficiency

Centralize your testing and quality assurance resources including professionals, tools and environments

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Testing Services for Financial Markets

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Our Clients Love us!

KualitatemJenny Olssen, EP, B-Reel
Kualitatem was helpful during our application release. We used them for the testing of our flash based game project developed for our client Lowe Brindfors for Unilever. Their engineers quickly performed functionality, platform compatibility and performance tests to validate the ...

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Top 8 Challenges in Web Application testing

Introduction When we start doing testing of a web application, then we have this point in mind that how to do it better and how to achieve our goals and of course then the quality perspective. We tried to test […]

Choosing a mobile test automation tool

Top 13 features to look for before selecting a mobile automation testing tool

It is no more a news that world is rapidly turning mobile. Statistics show mobile device usage rate is increasing quickly and it is just the matter of time before mobile devices take over the PCs. Therefore, more and more […]

How to crash , boom , bang a mobile app!

How to crash , boom , bang a mobile app???

So what is the responsibility of a tester? Just test happy flows and let the developers know that the app is all good to go live? Of course not! Test it, break it, dig it and have no mercy! We […]

Quick Guide to Performance Testing for Banking Applications

Quick Guide to Performance Testing for Banking Applications

In today’s software industry, banking applications are considered as one of the most complicated enterprise applications. Performances testing for banking applications is a very complex and critical exercise. Due to the fact that Banking Applications contain complex transactions, Therefore Database […]

Quick Guide to Performance Testing Tools

Quick Guide to Performance Testing Tools That Can Save You $$$

In this age of modern technology, Performance testing has a significant importance for any business application. Performance testing enables you to make your application more scalable, realizable under concurrent users load. At it’s highest level performance testing is used to […]

Top 6 Challenges of using IBM RIT

Top 6 Challenges of using IBM RIT

While going through performance testing exercises using IBM RIT (Rational Integration Tester), you might come across some major challenges you might want to prepare yourself for beforehand. Complex Architecture Although Rational Integration Tester is a powerful tool to perform automated […]

Performance Testing with IBM RIT

Definitive Beginner’s guide to Performance Testing with IBM RIT.

IBM® Rational® Integration Tester is now a part of the IBM® Rational® Test Workbench, acquired from the Green Hat tester. RIT basically has the capabilities to perform Performance Testing, Service Virtualization, Functional Testing, and Integration testing of highly complex business […]


Quick Guide to Load Testing of Web Services (APIs) using Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is one of the most popular open source load testing tools for web services and web applications. Web services are an essential feature of modern web applications. As discussed in one of my previous blogs, they are basically […]

Automation Testing : Mobile Automation Vs Web Automation

Two Perspectives Of Automation Testing : Mobile Applications Vs Web Applications

Mobile Applications Automation Mobile devices are everywhere. They are in the hospitals, at warehouses, on delivery trucks and in classrooms. PDAs, smartphones, tablets and handhelds can be found in cars, airports, remote offices—These objects are constantly turned on, helping mobile […]

Location Based Mobile Application Testing

How To Test Location Based Mobile Apps

Location based social networking apps use the coordinates system for getting the location and then social networking sites get integrated with these applications. As the functionality of such applications is mostly the same, let’s look at the basic overflow of […]

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Testing Mobile Apps

Project Summary : Kualitatem was the proud testing partner for a consumer software service. The product enables its users to make free or cheap global calls with text, chat, fax, file sharing and more. Challenge : -Testing the prouct across […]

Testing Mobile Apps for waseel

Project Summary: Our client is Waseel, UAE; an organization which aims to establish Internet based connectivity, information services, and B2B e-commerce capabilities for the healthcare insurance market. Kualitatem was engaged to test Waseel’s mobile app on android and ios platform […]

Product Usability Testing

Project Summary: The product under test was desktop based accounting system. The focus of the client, by conducting the usability testing, was to measure a desktop product’s capacity to meet its intended purpose and to make potential changes. The aim […]

Testing Web Application Across Multiple Platforms

Project Summary The application under test was a website containing news, celebrities, videos, images and other media based content. The client’s primary concern was the compliance of the website code to W3C standards in order to ensure a consistent behavior […]

Testing Media Mashups

Project Summary: Kualitatem was the proud tester partner of a “Sound with Power” campaign for one of the major luxury car producers in the world. We worked in collaboration with our media agency partner which excels in creating meaningful user […]

Testing IOS Apps

Project Summary: The mobile app under test was an online reading service which enabled its users to access over 13k book titles from world renowned writers. For testing the client was focusing on functional and UI elements. Challenge: As the […]

Performance, Data Validation & CB Testing

Project Summary: This case study covers the Kualitatem experience while performing data validation testing for a web based tracking portal. Client wanted to check their application behavior on different browsers. Challenge: The team was divided into two groups, 1st group […]

Load Testing for UAE Sovereign Wealth Fund

Project Summary : Load testing for eFront for sovereign wealth fund in UAE: Software for private equity management that provides an integrated, web-based approach for optimizing the management of both direct and indirect investments Challenge : -Load Testing in Agile […]

GASCO Center of Excellence & TMMI Implementation

Summary:  GASCO’s software quality was suffering due to absence of Testing & Quality Assurance practices and hence the organization was faced with low client satisfaction. Kualitatem worked in collaboration with the software development team and other major business stakeholders to […]

Database performance testing for a leading banking client (BAHL)

Project Summary: Our client was a key player in banking domain with capital of US$ 4 Billion, network of 419 branches across Pakistan, Kingdom of Bahrain, and Representative Offices in Dubai, Istanbul and Beijing. The key objective of Database Performance […]

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