“Good enough” is just not good enough

We believe that there are no shortcuts to success. A product must work perfectly, without exception, if it hopes to succeed. But that’s easier said than done.

Kualitatem helps you realize that dream by taking care of the tedious software testing & quality assurance process for you. Our team of top-tier testers will put your product through a multitude of rigorous, purpose-built test processes, and identify even the most elusive bugs.

We do all the leg-work, so you could do what you do best:

Dream even bigger, crazier ideas!

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Mobile Apps

See your app top the

See your app top the charts. Check for reliability, device compatibility, performance and user experience.

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Web Apps

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Ensure compatibility across browsers, devices, OS, you name it.

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Desktop Apps

Stop worrying about functionality, performance or security.

Test across systems for validation, verification, compatibility.

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Testing Center of Excellence

Establish your own Quality Assurance team within the organization. Optimize application quality and performance, improve alignment between business and IT, increasing overall efficiency.

Align Business Needs

Start business driven testing, adapt to change management and standardize processes, practices, guidelines and templates

Optimize App Quality

Drive results through skilled and specialized independent testing platform centralized for the organization

Increase QA Efficiency

Centralize your testing and quality assurance resources including professionals, tools and environments

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KualitatemJenny Olssen, EP, B-Reel
Kualitatem was helpful during our application release. We used them for the testing of our flash based game project developed for our client Lowe Brindfors for Unilever. Their engineers quickly performed functionality, platform compatibility and performance tests to validate the ...

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Kualitatem joins US based firm to revolutionize school staffing!

Kualitatem is the proud partner of a US based firm which is redesigning the model of school staffing. These guys are replacing antiquated matching systems and low-quality temp agencies with an easy to use online marketplace that matches the very […]


“Bash Bug” The new and deadly cyber threat

  “Bash bug” or “shell lock” a 22 years old bug recently revealed itself and hit the cyber world with flash. “Bash Bug” vulnerability is considered as more severe than “Heart Bleed (Discovered in April 2014)”. “Heart Bleed” security flaw […]

Mobile Advertising-cover

Who,What and How of Mobile Advertising

According to a Gartner report, the global Mobile Ad Market is set to generate $18 billion in 2014, a 27% surge over the $13.1 billion in revenues made in 2013. As smartphone proliferation continues to grow, mobile users are consuming […]

Webcam Based App Testing

Webcam Based App Testing

Recently we got the chance to test a webcam based application, which was a very interesting experience. It was designed to facilitate the Fitness trainers and trainees across the world to interact with each other and have a training session […]


Mobile Apps Testing in Cloud Environment

What is Cloud Environment Testing? Cloud computing offers a web based mobile environment on real devices, where testers can deploy, automate and test the mobile application. This approach helps reduce the cost of project under development. The mobile devices can […]


It’s Google, Its 5 Million Records – Hacked.

Time to rethink security! So, its Google this time. A database of almost 5 million Google accounts have been leaked on Russian cyber security site “Forum.btcsec.com“. The username and password list was published on Tuesday in a Bitcoin security forum. […]

Interactive Video App Testing

Testing an Interactive Video App

Interactive Video is a technique which is used for blending interaction and linear film or video. A number of interactive video technologies have been developed in last few years that utilize new ways of encoding videos to allow users to […]

Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web UI Testing

4 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web UI Testing

Modern web browsers such as Google Chrome have made a tester’s life very easy. There are so many extensions and built-in tools available that one can easily identify a lot of bugs & issues without having to use specialized tools […]

1st Option

Half the World Got Hacked: Hold Security Claims

We wrote an article sometimes back coining the term “Data on Ransom” where critical information about Domino’s Pizza was hacked and put on sale. The trend is rapidly picking up and recently endorsed by a new gang CyberVor that stole […]


Economics of Software Bugs: Facts You Need To Know

Understanding the effective cost of software bugs is essential for any software development vendor or customer. Without getting too technical with numbers, there are basic facts that everyone should be aware of, especially the top management and the CXO’s. Software producers […]

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Risk Assessment Of Physical Infrastructure

This case study highlights the security audit on a physical infrastructure to find weaknesses in their access control mechanism. The focus of the audit was on small ignores leading to big disasters.

Auditing A Wirelss Network For Vulnerability Assessments

This case study talks about the latest security threats and vulnerabilities in a wireless network. The client requested an independent audit to penetrate their wireless network and report for vulnerabilities like unauthorized access points.

Testing A Gis Application: Challenges And Perspectives

This case study points out on the challenges of covering a broad domain and testing a Geographical Information System. Kualitatem team documented the business rules to establish a baseline for Load testing, Functional testing and Usability

Testing A Customer Relationship Management Application -End To End

This case study highlights the Kualitatem experience of analyzing and testing a CRM application for performance, user role, cross browser and security based on OWASP standards.

Testing Web Apps Over Multiple Platforms

The case study highlights the importance of cross platform testing of a web application before release. It describes how a test plan should include multiple operating systems, browsers and browser versions to ensure user access coverage.

Configuration Testing of a SaaS Application

The case study explains on how a telesales application based on the Software As A Service Model was tested for several possible configurations to ensure standard results across different environments.

Load Testing For File Net Based App

The case study explains how Kualitatem helped in load testing an enterprise application based on IBM FileNet P8 Platform. Download Case Study.

Code Review for PCI Compliance

The case study covers the testing for a credit card based application using code reviews. A systematic examination of the code review was done to check if there are any issues that does not comply with Payment Card Industry DSS […]

Application Testing against OWE/SANS & OWASP Standards

The case study covers the assessment of weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a mobile communication platform tested for compliance with CWE/SANS (Common Weakness Enumeration) and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standards

Performance and Business Process Stability Testing

This case study covers how Kualitatem tested for Performance to ensure stability and robustness of the software covering complex business processes.

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