“Good enough” is just not good enough

We believe that there are no shortcuts to success. A product must work perfectly, without exception, if it hopes to succeed. But that’s easier said than done.

Kualitatem helps you realize that dream by taking care of the tedious software testing & quality assurance process for you. Our team of top-tier testers will put your product through a multitude of rigorous, purpose-built test processes, and identify even the most elusive bugs.

We do all the leg-work, so you could do what you do best:

Dream even bigger, crazier ideas!

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Mobile Apps

See your app top the

See your app top the charts. Check for reliability, device compatibility, performance and user experience.

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Web Apps

Launch your app with

Ensure compatibility across browsers, devices, OS, you name it.

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Desktop Apps

Stop worrying about functionality, performance or security.

Test across systems for validation, verification, compatibility.

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Testing Center of Excellence

Establish your own Quality Assurance team within the organization. Optimize application quality and performance, improve alignment between business and IT, increasing overall efficiency.

Align Business Needs

Start business driven testing, adapt to change management and standardize processes, practices, guidelines and templates

Optimize App Quality

Drive results through skilled and specialized independent testing platform centralized for the organization

Increase QA Efficiency

Centralize your testing and quality assurance resources including professionals, tools and environments

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Testing Services for Financial Markets

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Our Clients Love us!

KualitatemJenny Olssen, EP, B-Reel
Kualitatem was helpful during our application release. We used them for the testing of our flash based game project developed for our client Lowe Brindfors for Unilever. Their engineers quickly performed functionality, platform compatibility and performance tests to validate the ...

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Accessibility Testing For Beginners

Accessibility Testing For Beginners

Accessibility testing is a technique of making sure that how useful the product is for people with disabilities. It is a type of system testing designed to determine whether individual person will be able to use system either it is […]

How to Ensure Quality of Test Data(1)

How to Ensure Quality of Test Data

What is Test Data For the purpose of testing a software application; one needs to enter some data for testing most of its features. Any such data that is used in tests is known as ‘test data’. Test data can […]

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Who is responsible for Data Quality

The world is creating 2.5 quintillion bytes [yeah that’s a lot!] of data every day; so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone [www.sciencedaily.com]. All Information stored in […]


Challenges in Testing the Banking Application

Banking Application is considered to be most advanced, complex and complicated enterprise solution. From development and testing point of view there are many challenges. In this article I will highlight some of the key issues and challenges in testing the […]


Tool selection for Test Management in Agile Environment

In my last blog I wrote about the SCRUM, in which I explained that what is scrum, how it works and what are its different meetings and documents. Scrum is being used in many big companies like Microsoft, IBM, Facebook […]

How Scrum Works – A software tester perspective!

How Scrum Works – A software tester perspective!

In my last three projects I got the opportunity to work on scrum. So, I will share my experiences of working with agile process scrum methodology. Scrum is an agile process that allows us to focus on delivering the highest […]

HP Diagnostics

HP Diagnostics? Look what HP has got to offer!

As promised in my last blog, I have taken upon myself to share my knowledge of HP’s Performance Testing Center. We all are familiar with Site Scope and Load Runner and in my last blog I discussed the need of […]

AB Testing

Basics of A/B Testing

A/B testing is the comparison between two different versions of a web page to see which one performs better. You compare two web pages by sending the two variants (like A and B) at the same time. For example let’s […]


Lessons from Testing Events Around the world

The world’s foremost software testing professionals lend you their wisdom and years of experience to aid you in ignoring the most common faults while testing software. More than just tips, tricks, & pitfalls to avoid, Lessons Learned from Software Testing […]


Do you want to setup a testing department? Why not setup a Testing Centre of Excellence!

While the IT landscapes are undergoing tremendous changes global businesses are striving to stay successful and competitive. They need software systems that are efficient, reliable and capable of supporting complex composite business processes. All service and product oriented organizations aspire […]

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Testing Mobile Apps

Project Summary : Kualitatem was the proud testing partner for a consumer software service. The product enables its users to make free or cheap global calls with text, chat, fax, file sharing and more. Challenge : -Testing the prouct across […]

Product Usability Testing

Project Summary: The product under test was desktop based accounting system. The focus of the client, by conducting the usability testing, was to measure a desktop product’s capacity to meet its intended purpose and to make potential changes. The aim […]

Testing Media Mashups

Project Summary: Kualitatem was the proud tester partner of a “Sound with Power” campaign for one of the major luxury car producers in the world. We worked in collaboration with our media agency partner which excels in creating meaningful user […]

Load Testing for UAE Sovereign Wealth Fund

Project Summary : Load testing for eFront for sovereign wealth fund in UAE: Software for private equity management that provides an integrated, web-based approach for optimizing the management of both direct and indirect investments Challenge : -Load Testing in Agile […]

Database performance testing for a leading banking client (BAHL)

Project Summary: Our client was a key player in banking domain with capital of US$ 4 Billion, network of 419 branches across Pakistan, Kingdom of Bahrain, and Representative Offices in Dubai, Istanbul and Beijing. The key objective of Database Performance […]

CRM Application Testing

Project Summary: This case study defined how Kualitatem successfully delivered testing services for a CRM application, a company-wide business marketing system that helps an organization to manage existing customers, target new ones and generate quality leads. Challenge: To create a […]

Risk Assessment Of Physical Infrastructure

Project Summary: Kualitatem was engaged to conduct Independent security audit for the physical infrastructure of a major drilling corporation in the GCC. Challenge: -Creating awareness about the importance of physical infrastructure security -Management and employee buy in for accessing sensitive […]

Auditing A Wireless Network For Vulnerability Assessments

Project Summary: Kualitatem was engaged to conduct Vulnerability Assessment of Wireless Network of a major drilling corporation in the GCC. Challenge: Following were the challenges: -Proliferation of Wi-Fi devices -Performance and reliability of Wi-Fi was not up to the mark […]

Testing A Gis Application: Challenges And Perspectives

Project Summary : Kualitatem was engaged to test a complex GIS application which was a complete, self-contained package used for retrieving, disseminating, analyzing and integrating information through google maps. Challenge : -Team Training on GIS terminology and domain -Understanding complex […]

Testing Web Apps Over Multiple Platforms

The case study highlights the importance of cross platform testing of a web application before release. It describes how a test plan should include multiple operating systems, browsers and browser versions to ensure user access coverage.

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