Cloud Security Assessments

Cloud Security Assessments

Corporate businesses are shifting towards cloud due to the benefits in form of reduced cost, software and hardware independence, task automation, increased flexibility and high availability. But along with these benefits, you simply cannot ignore the threats involved that impacts confidentiality, privacy, integrity, availability and compliance to regulations. The risks landscape is far bigger in cloud as compared to the traditional IT infrastructures. This is where we come in with our proficient cloud security assessment services. We ensure that you not only avoid the threats online, but also realize good monetary gains by extracting the potential of this digital era.

Don’t ignore the security of your asset on cloud!

Why Cloud Security Assessments?

Are you increasingly using Cloud services for your business operations? Is Cloud the backbone of your data and process management? Are you aware of the risks and threats involved in Cloud Computing? You can’t ignore the security of your asset on cloud. The Apparent Benefits of Cloud Security Assessment Include:

Protection against attacks

Cloud security assessment helps to analyze potential of any attacks associated to your data on cloud.

Data security

Accessing data security is critical in cloud as all the data is stored in central repository.

Monitoring Benefits

Ways of monitoring access to data stored in one place than figuring out all the places where the company data resides across a myriad of thick clients.

Our Approach

Cloud based applications should follow the same application security practices as normal application security passes. In the absence of mature security standards for cloud, some important features which are currently in industry are followed, which include two factor authentication for administrative controls, annual ISO 27001 Audits and documented controls. We have extensive experience in Education, Retail, Government, Media & Financial sector. As a cloud security assessment services firm we helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients to protect their assets on cloud. Kualitatem have worked with clients to establish their policies and procedures for Cloud usage as well as conducting security assessments and suggesting remediation tasks for their cloud based interactions.

Cloud Security Assessments Process

Data Management

  • Data Flow Review
  • Privacy Assessment Review

Data Environment

  • Review Applications & Operating Systems Untilized
  • Review Data Life Cycle Approach

Cyber Threat

  • Review Patch Management Practices
  • Review Security Monitoring Processes


  • Access Restriction
  • Access Monitoring

Logs and Audit Trail

  • Logs Duration
  • Logs Tempering
  • Logs Storage