Webcam Based App Testing

Based App Testing-

Recently we got the chance to test a webcam based application, which was a very interesting experience. It was designed to facilitate the Fitness trainers and trainees across the world to interact with each other and have a training session which is aided with Webcams and a headphone. Both the trainee and trainer have to register on the website first, and then they can use the application whenever they want. The trainer can create a session slot and trainee can purchase that session through online payment, however the app also facilitates the trainee to request his own time slot if the session slot is not created by trainer but it requires the approval of trainer. Both the trainer and trainee can complete the training session of 30 min after which the session will be terminated.


Nature of Defects in Webcam Chat App:

Following defects were found during testing of this application.

  • The session slots which were expired were displayed in the Calendar of trainer.
  • Alignment mistakes
  • Concurrency defects occurred if two trainees purchase the same session time slot at the same time then both them were scheduled for the training session.
  • Some of the time Slots were not able to configured.
  • Same session slot was configured and displayed in the calendar multiple times.
  • Available slots were displayed with wrong date.
  • Undefined time was displayed sometimes to the trainee when he attempted to join the session.
  • One trainee can schedule many session at the same time with multiple trainers

Factors affecting the Effectiveness of Application:

We tested the application with slow and high internet speeds. On slow internet speed the video streaming was very slow and the actions performed were displayed to the other user with a lot of lag, and the sound transmitted very late to the listener.

Testing Tips

The following things need to be tested with paying extra attention while testing such applications.

  • The session should start and end at the same instant no matter what the time zone is.
  • The payment should be processed properly & securely.
  • Both users should view and hear each other properly.
  • The session requests should be processed properly.
  • Both users should be able to view their schedule on their dashboard.