Web Application Testing

An average web application today encounters more browsers than ever before and is expected to deliver a smooth user experience across all of them. The challenge is that your app should be compatible with all browsers, working across different operating systems, while being accessed by users around the planet.

We intend to simplify this challenge for you!

Why Web Application Testing?

Every business firm has to consider web application testing to ensure the credibility, efficiency and performance of their apps hosted on web.

The apparent benefits derived from web application testing include:

Enhance Functionality

Web application testing enhances the overall functionality by removing out the bugs in a timely fashion.

Cost Effective Solution

Testing of web applications is simply a cost-effective solution, which perfectly ensures the configuration of a web app.


Web application testing makes a web app accessible on every available platform and device.

Maintain Security

Web application testing ensures the end to end security of web app by removing any security vulnerabilities.


Customization in a web app settings can only be possible through web application testing.


Web application testing removes all the performance bottlenecks and delivers accuracy in ending results.

Our Approach

We work through a flexible process which completely integrates with your development efforts. Our Test Lab is like the real world – Equipped with all the key operating systems, versions and browser versions being used globally. Oh, and the testers are real too! We have extensive experience in Education, Retail, Government, Media & Financial sector. As a web application testing services firm we helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients with web app testing script development. Our Team is awesome – One of the most talented and experienced group of testers in the industry who are able to identify even the most elusive defects, bugs and pitfalls.

Web Application Testing Process

Functional Testing

  • Automated Functional Testing
  • System Component Testing
  • Code Testing

Performance Testing

  • Load testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Data Testing

Usability Testing

  • User Interface Testing
  • User Experience Testing
  • Graphical User Interface Testing

Compatibility Testing

  • Hardware Compatibility Testing
  • Operating System Compatibility Testing
  • Network Compatibility Testing

Security Testing

  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Infrastructure Security Assessment
  • Voice over IP Penetration Testing

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