Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing is becoming industry standard tool for Risk and Security Assessment. You can simulate environments and scenarios through Penetration testing to identify possible vulnerabilities. With different tools and practices, organizations can reduce the chances for any possible attack by a malicious user on any communication layer i.e. application, hardware or network.


  Penetration testing is now mandatory for every business firm!


Why Penetration Testing Services?

Security breaches and leaks have severe cost and repute implication on many companies in the past. Penetration testing is now essential for every business firm to protect the quality of their services.

The Apparent Benefit of Penetration Testing Includes:

Risk Management

It will give a baseline to work upon to cure the risk in a structured and optimal way.

Business Continuity

A less vulnerable will be less prone to hack attacks, thus enhancing business continuity.

Protect Clients

Pen testing helps every business to protect not only its own assets but also  safeguard the interest of its clients, partners and third parties.

Maintain Quality

Penetration testing is the key to maintaining the quality of any IT product/Infrastructure.

Evaluate Security Investment

It allows businesses to creates an opportunity so as to evaluate current security posture and investment.

Protect Reputation

Helps protect against loss of reputation build over many years which can be damaged by a single hack attack.

Our Approach

Kualitatem being partner with security Giants such HP, Symantec, McAFee to name few provides full auditing of the applications devices and furthermore installation of mobile suites application as per customer environment need. We are vendor neutral and suggest the best possible solution for client as per there environment.

We have extensive experience of Penetration testing for Education, Retail, Government, Media & Financial sector. As a penetration testing services firm we helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients to maintain security of their IT products with our Pen testing frameworks.

Kualitatem covers a broad spectrum of penetration services to enable their clients with clear visibility of the vulnerable and unsecure environments they operate their businesses.

Penetration Testing Services Process

Scope finalization

  • Meeting with client
  • Gather testing requirements
  • Prepare test plan

Information Gathering

  • Intelligent information gathering
  • Information gathering using search engines
  • Network mapping

System Finger printing

  • Determine network ranges
  • Identification of active machines
  • Ports and access point analysis

Vulnerability Analysis

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Exploitation
  • Test case execution

0 Days

  • Identification of 0 days
  • 0 day Exploitation


  • Information gathering report
  • Technical Report
  • Executive Summary

Risk Management

  • Information Gathering Report
  • Technical Report
  • Executive Summary

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