Software Testing in The Era of Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0, as we see it, is the future of every technology that ever existed and there is no doubt that it is the 4th revolution of industry. Before we move on forward towards the importance of software testing and independent software testing companies in the era of industry 4.0, lets’ have a brief idea of industry 4.0.

What is Industry 4.0?

In very simple words, industry 4.0 is the computerization of industry 3.0. The future, as we know it, is based on this industrial revolution. All your businesses, devices, machines and sensors will communicate through the internet of things (IoT). In fact, the internet of things is very practical in different parts of the world. Different businesses around the world are shifting to IoT at a rapid pace. It is happening because of all the obvious benefits which IoT has to offer. Who doesn’t like to control their work station in real-time while sitting in the opposite corner of the world? This is exactly what industry 4.0 is about and this is what IoT promises to do. The main problem is that such kind of software development requires nothing less than testing 4.0.

Why is Testing 4.0 Necessary?

Modern problems require modern solutions and testing 4.0 is the answer to the problems of industry 4.0. This means that the software you are designing to computerize your business, house, office, etc. must be compatible with a wide range of modern devices. There are different challenges which software can face when it comes to the internet of things. The only way to tackle these problems is real-time and reliable software testing. The good news is that there are many independent software testing companies which offer testing services for Industry 4.0. Kualitatem offers software testing 4.0 for IoT which includes functional, exploratory, performance, security and compatibility testing.

Next-Generation Quality-Products

The main goal of industry 4.0 is to produce next-generation quality products which are way better than the previous ones. This concept may seem far-fetched but the truth is that it is practically happening and people are shifting to IoT. The only hurdle is the compatibility issues of devices but thanks to software testing that these problems are reducing with every passing day.

Role of Independent Software Testing Companies

In all this progress, companies which are offering software testing have a very important role to play. They are reducing product delivery time significantly. Above all, the product quality is also significantly improving because companies provide developer teams with effective and comprehensive issue reports. This helps software engineers to resolve these issues in real-time as these companies are offer real-time testing solutions. The main metric to measure the success of any industry is the rate of progress and product delivery. The graph of the progression of industry 4.0 is very promising and we are very close to achieving the ultimate computerization of our day to day tasks.


Innovations in software industry never fail to surprise us. Industry 4.0 is on its way to change the face of technology as we see it. Software testing is playing its part to bring our dream to reality and it has not disappointed us so far. All you have to do is to get the services of a good independent software testing company and you are all set to launch a product which is market competitive and meets the standards of industry 4.0.