Mobile App Testing Through the Ages


Human beings are achieving milestones in the information technology industry every other day. What seemed impossible a decade ago is now a reality. Mobile applications are also witnessing great revolution and have been continuously evolving since the past few years. Although there are great minds behind these massive innovations, a huge credit also goes to mobile app testing companies. Mobile app testing companies around the globe have contributed heavily towards the success of latest mobile applications. These upgraded mobile app testing techniques by the courtesy of major techniques  Today, mobile app testing is now better than ever.

This blog is about the different ages which took mobile application testing to the next level. We have divided the evolution of mobile application and mobile app testing into the four phases to provide you with a better understanding. Here you go:

First Age

History of mobile applications goes way back to Nokia 6110. But mobile applications were not popular until the launch of the first Apple phone in 2007. Since mobile applications were very simple at the initial phase, they were not complex as well. Hence, mobile application testing was also very simple. In fact, the first mobile application testing tool was launched a long time after the invention of the first app. This was an age where mobile application testing was not much more than a concept. However, there were visionaries who knew that a day was going to come when mobile applications would take over the world.

Middle Age

After the invention of iOS and Android phones, we witnessed the ever-increasing fame of mobile apps. What most people don’t know is that behind all this success of mobile applications, a secret magician (mobile application tester) was casting spells. In simple words, the reason for the success of mobile applications was majorly different because of mobile application testing tools and companies. In this period of time, mobile application testing was getting famous and recognized by the software and application developers. This was a time when mobile app testing became a completely developed industry.

Third Age

This is the current age of mobile application testing. There is a great number of mobile application testing companies which are offering their services. The main reason for this increasing number of companies is the increased demand for quality products. We see a great number of mobile applications launching every day. Mobile applications have now become a disruptive innovation. Mobiles have introduced a completely new market. Due to this very reason, mobile app testing has also taken a place of a separate industry. Therefore, innovators are making innovations every day in this field to make mobile app testing more precise and more effective. Their ultimate goal is to deliver high-end quality applications through mobile application testing. We are currently living in an age where mobile application testing is at its best.

Future Horizons

The future of mobile applications and mobile application testing is very interesting. Companies are making efforts to have applications for all of their products. Mobile application testing will continue to evolve with an exponential pace still be relevant. For example, you managed to make an interactive newsfeed, which offers all the features of an app, you still need to get it tested and that’s where mobile application testing becomes relevant. Therefore, know for sure that there’s much more to happen in this field.