How Outsourcing Can Help Tackle QA Challenges

Tackle QA Challenges

While many development organizations still prefer to hire an in-house QA team instead of outsourcing, the project team may face difficulties and scenarios when requiring the engagement of additional resources. The following are some of the challenges and their solutions.

Pre-Release Overloads

Testing and development teams are on their toes as the deadline dates near. There’s a lot of work at hand that needs to be completed. And even if all separate units are thoroughly tested, there are still a lot of chances of issues appearing on the surface when all the components come together in one integrated product.

Lack of Time for Testing

The QA department is often below development or support teams on organizations’ priority lists. A delay in development often leaves the QA department very less time to thoroughly test the application before the deadline. Therefore, to tackle this problem, companies are recommended to hire an independent software testing company instead of expanding the QA team to hire new staff. This will save a lot of resources and time. Also, what better option than outsourcing testing to a qualified testing provider that has a wide infrastructure, scalable team, and required experience to engage in the project in extremely effective terms.

Limited Budget

Outsourcing can save you the cost of supporting the in-house team with a specific set of skills. It’s financially less costly to maintain a contract with a testing provider that can help you manage long term projects. However, it is still important to have several in-house QA specialists to coordinate the work and not to lose control over the project and business processes.

Lack of Testing Infrastructure 

Without the latest tools, technology, and devices, it’s impossible to succeed in your project in this era. Acquiring these essentials is a challenge in itself. This is why you need an independent software testing company so that you don’t have to think about testing infrastructure as it is included in the service package you choose.

Lack of Resources

Outsourcing allows you to focus on the development process and other core aspects of the business which you weren’t able to before because of the burden of work. Similarly, the workload of your team is reduced and space for creativity and idea generation is made that is necessary for the development of any application.

The Need for User Feedback and Independent Evaluation

It’s always good to have a fresh, new perspective of your work. An independent software testing company can help you with that. It’s like you’re a writer and your piece needs to be reviewed by the editor. QA provider can play the role of the editor and due to its experience, it can spot issues that your staff could overlook. Moreover, the QA provider will give you valuable feedback and suggestions on improvement.


Independent testing can yield great benefits for your business if it’s utilized in the right way. To ensure that, you need to have a reliable QA provider by your side that can help you achieve your quality goals.