Securing Ingenuine Innovations in the New Decade

Securing Ingenuine Innovations in the New Decade
  • February 3, 2020
  • HibaSulaiman

2020 is expected to be significant in the tech world. Since 2010, digital technology had a major impact on businesses, which means this year will mark a new decade of transformation. As enterprises plan their digital transformations, most of them speculate 2020 as a crucial year. Companies set out new programs, featuring goals such as acquiring more connected devices, modernizing their datacentres, and introducing new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and blockchain. 

Implanting kidneys using your own biomaterial, inserting a swarm of nanobots that can flow through your blood-stream, monitor parameters or unblock arteries. Using gene editing to eradicate diseases, or fix genetic disorders in human beings. All of these miracles are likely to become possible or reality in the next few years. Ideas that have been discussed in science fiction for years including AI, universal translators, gene editing, and quantum computing are ready to be deployed. We expect this decade to witness major breakouts ahead. Most of the ideas are ready to move out of labs and make it to the mainstream. Keeping these technological changes in mind, enterprises need to hire improved security testing services

In different ways, the last two decades have laid the foundation for digital transformation. Basic technology infrastructure like the internet, 4G networks and smartphones have made their way successfully. As there is more access to technology, we see improvements in data storage, processing capacity, and lower bandwidth costs. All these technologies are expected to disrupt businesses and require them to redefine their strategies. 

It becomes important for businesses to discover the latest technology trends to excel in the next wave of digital innovation. Here are a few trends that you can expect businesses to follow:

  • Partnering to Bridge the Skills Gap

Companies believe there is an industry-wide shortage of skills that would help accelerate their transformation efforts. Employees should know how to make the most of digital technology before they can assist their customers to do the same. This is a major concern for businesses to resolve this issue by developing employee incentives, acquiring businesses and introducing new training programs. Companies are overcoming this skill gap by partnering. Companies can achieve mutual benefits by tapping to these skills. 

  • Electric Cars

In 2019, Volkswagon announced ID.3 which is the company’s first electric vehicle. By 2028, 15 million electric vehicles (EV) are expected to make it to the market by companies such as Audi, Skoda, and Seat. By 2020, EV sales are expected to rise by 35%  in Europe. Consumers are still concerned about a lack of charging infrastructure which can affect the EV sales. 

  • Importance of Security and Privacy 

The security of technology has never been this important, but in the digital transformation era, it has become even more so. The amount of data is growing and threat actors are becoming more sophisticated, setting the stage for security issues. Meanwhile, security regulations are tightening, raising the bars for companies even further. Although there is no shortcut to address digital security issues, security testing services can play a crucial role. They ensure placing security checks to keep pace with the new threats that evolve as quickly as new technologies do. Businesses have to be on their toes to ensure a robust cybersecurity plan. It is not just about investing in security technology but building a security-conscious culture in their business. To deal with issues companies develop robust internal processes to adopt emerging technologies and bolster their security governance. 

  • Engineering Biology 

The last two decades have been marked the development of information technology. These advancements include the development of the floppy disk, PC, the internet, the cloud, mobile and introduction of AI. Similarly, we will see progress in biology as it appears to be more of an engineering concept than a science. Similar to how a semiconductor was discovered in Silicon Valley in the 1960s and 1970s, biology will reshape our world. It has taken years for a system to develop Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR), genomics and the application of ML to detect cancers. Modern medicine has used surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to treat cancer. Immunotherapy has also been used to fight a body’s own immune system to fight tumors. 

Disciplines such as materials, chemical, electrical, mechanical and data give birth to new approaches. Biology is being reengineered to transform the way food is produced. For instance, the nano-technology is used to create protective peel on fruits to address global issues like food waste, and toxic waste from industries. Bioengineering can also be applied to create new materials to grow buildings. 

  • Customer Experience

Companies have a deep insight into their customers, increasing the amount of data they share. Tech-savvy companies are using this data to enhance the customer experience. This experience mindset is expected to accelerate in the coming years. Obviously, with more data comes more responsibility and companies need to get the right security testing services to build strong security ties around this. 

Previously, employees and customers used whichever technology was available for them. But today companies use technologies to deliver exceptional customer experiences, bolstering tight security and market differentiation. 


We have witnessed tremendous technological innovation in the past, which has significantly changed the way businesses operate. They need to keep a track of latest trends to survive in the ever-growing competition. This fast pace of change means that this will only accelerate in the coming years. Companies that keep ahead of these trends lay the foundation of digital enterprises of the future. Security testing services help them in improving performance throughout the digital switchover while securing business technology. Stepping into 2020 marks a landmark for digital transformation and the above digital trends can help companies to stay updated with the upcoming innovative technologies.