Deciphering the Distinction: QA vs. Software Testing

software testing

Software testing and quality assurance are two different processes that are deeply tied to one another. To ensure the quality of a product, you need to conduct thorough tests where every feature and part of the code is taken under the lens.

This makes testing a subset of quality assurance. The problem is that their connection causes people to confuse them quite often, which is why this article will go over their differences.


The main objective of software testing services is to ensure that the application is bug-free and works without any issues. For instance, if something in the program causes it to constantly crash, software tests can record the problem so that you may fix it.

QA services consulting takes on another route, as it aims to ensure the app meets the expectations of the stakeholders. It doesn’t just prove that the code of the application works. It shows that the functions of the app can solve the problem that the end users are looking to address.

Running Time

Software evaluation is often done once a code has already been written. Its purpose is to ensure that every new feature works as it should and that the new addition does not lead to new bugs.

QA testing services also test the functionality and proper work of the software, but instead of doing it at the end of the code writing, they do it throughout the process. This helps capture potential errors in the making.

Management Style

QA testing tools and software tests also differ when it comes to the management style. Test cases have a reactive nature, as their purpose is to directly correct an issue.

On the other hand, QA is more proactive, as it aims to prevent an action. This is why quality assurance is often done at every step, to ensure the same issue does not happen again.


Test case management is more of an action that aims to resolve a present issue. Depending on the test performed, it can use defect tracking systems, performance, or test automation.

Quality assurance may also use QA test automation, but it’s more of an approach or process rather than an action. Instead of focusing on execution, a quality assurance software testing company mostly deals with training, auditing, and process management.


The focus is also different when it comes to QA services management and software testing. QA mostly keeps an eye on the process, noting the things that need to be done to avoid a problem. On the other hand, software evaluation focuses on the product itself, on the technical issues that are currently not working.

The Bottom Line

The absence of bugs does not ensure that a product is of a high quality. However, it is still a very important aspect of the development process. Software testing is an essential part of ensuring an application is bug-free, whereas QA makes sure the product meets all intentions and expectations. This is why QA services outsourcing will run a lot of tests so that the product meets every standard.