Say Goodbye to Your Cybersecurity Crisis

Say Goodbye to Your Cybersecurity Crisis
  • June 14, 2019
  • HibaSulaiman

If you don’t own a company or any software and you think that cybersecurity is not your concern, then that’s where you are wrong. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an app or software of your own, cyber attacks can still affect you in more than one way. Not very far ago, in April 2018, an independent nation of Caribbean of Sint Maarten faced a total public shutdown for an entire day due to a cyberattack. Similarly, in May 2018, a ransomware attack cost more than $3 million to the city of Atlanta. Moreover, in the past two years cyberattacks have cost billions of dollars to the US alone. These stats show the importance of cybersecurity of your data. The global cyber security expenditure of 2017 was $86.4 billion and it has been increasing ever since.

No doubt that these facts are scary, however, getting your data/app/software secure is not a big deal anymore. There are thousands of independent software testing companies which ensure the maximum security of your product. This blog will help you to get rid of cyber threats once and for all. Here’s how you are going to say goodbye to any kind of cyber security crisis.

Penetration is The Ultimate Solution

In order to assess security flaws, it is important to conduct a sanctioned triggered attack.

Target Testing

Target testing is a software testing method in which database of one or more entries is tested. This testing technique allows you to analyze software directly on an embedded target. Testers find it easier to locate any errors and bugs in the application in this specific environment, assuring that data within the application is safe and secure. It makes it difficult for hackers to simply break-in to the application, protecting against any cyber-crimes.

Blind Testing

Cybersecurity is not the sole responsibility of the IT department or software developers. It is the responsibility of each employee in the development team to ensure data security. Hackers exploit any type of vulnerability in an application and inflict huge losses to the business. It becomes extremely difficult for organizations to protect their stakeholders’ investment. This calls for testing software from all aspects and securing it completely. It also alarms all team members working on the same project, to assess the application during all stages of development.

Estimated Business Value to Get Penetration Testing

Penetration testing has been one of the most efficient methods to protect software applications against any security breaches. A penetration testing company simulates a cyberattack in order to test the application for any security problems. Whether it is a web application or a mobile app, penetration testing works efficiently in securing transactions. With the help of penetration testing, development teams can come up with security applications and resolve any loopholes to ensure software quality.


Though it is tempting to say that it is worth trying to take back the savings by paying ransoms, IT experts do not recommend it. Instead, they emphasize investing in software updates, testing, etc. that can actually earn profit for the business in the long-run. Officials deny paying ransom to the hackers and rely on improving their security systems. Thus, it is recommended hiring independent software testing companies that work diligently in saying goodbye to cybersecurity crises for good. This is how cyber security does not remain a topic of concern for the development teams and they can emphasize on improving software quality.