Lessons from Testing Events Around the world

Testing Events the World

The world’s foremost software testing professionals lend you their wisdom and years of experience to aid you in ignoring the most common faults while testing software. More than just tips, tricks, & pitfalls to avoid, Lessons Learned from Software Testing events speeds you through the critical testing phase of the software development project without the extensive test & error it normally takes to do so. Let’s have a look to the lessons which are being learned so far.

Most common lessons learned

Testing is in your head and the tester is the headlight for the project
If you want to show that you are a good tester, just learn to think similar alike one and how to test instead of showing off resembling to that one depicting that testing is in your head. Similarly as we all are familiar that to find information we basically do testing. On the basis of that information, we can make critical decisions about the particular product/project. The critical decisions are serving like headlights here for the project.

Fresh eyes find failure

If you know your project so well, you would surely miss out the assumptions that you have made. When the tester just comes up with the new project, the exploration and focus is entirely like the new user going to explore out for the first time and good ample of bugs could be found out.

Exploration Involves lot of thinking

It is no doubt a detective work. It is like moving through a wide space. It involves thinking like backward, forward and lateral thinking. Such as backward thinking would involve what do you imagine toward what you know. Forward thinking is that what you know to what you haven’t yet seen. And similarly Lateral thinking would let your work unfocused by ideas that become accessible into your head.

Confusion is a test tool.

When you feel so jumbled up, these aspects could be of some importance, i.e.

• Is the spec confusing?
• Is the product confusing?
• Is the user documentation confusing?
• Is the underlying problem just difficult to understand?

In such a situation, confusion can help you raise the issues and questions that perhaps no one else has the courage to raise.

Report defects promptly, clearly and an effective sales too but don’t try to solve it.
As sooner you find a bug, report it immediately else longer you wait, the less likely the bug is going to be reported out. Your job is not to find the solutions to the problems, all you have to deliver an effective defect report. This sail tool is designed to convince people and should be affective enough to let the positive results.

Verify bug fixes promptly

If you find a defect which need to be fixed out quickly should be immediately reported to the developer, he will recognize that what he did to the code and could fix the issue easily. The more you wait, the less the dev. would be recognizing it and the priority of the defect could be declined too.

Avoid complex logic in your test scripts.

In your test scripts, conditional logic can make your tests tougher and more prone to errors. To handle the setup for the particular tests, you need logic which would respond either to checked output or might custom controls would be handled. You need to put away logic in separate functions. Functions could be tested in isolation, and it is easy to review the tests.

Programmers like to talk about their work. Ask them questions.

Sometimes tester has trouble to understand the domain of the project assigned to them. Programmers like to have their work being discussed and so you should have good terms with the programmer and you should ask a programmer about any issue you are confronted with so far.

Test to the maturity of the product.

Test each change carefully till the final version of the product. Make sure everything is being tested for each and every step is being taken resulting in a quality product.

Former Testing Events

There are former testing events which are going on around the world showing the lessons and results being withdrawn from these testing world conferences. Let’s have a look to the few of the conferences listed below.

September 20 2014

This event was on the new challenges which are being presented by mobile apps. Many other test techniques can be applied and the testers of mobile need to know that how their device battery is being consumed by the app, how the geo location information is being used and how the app handles interrupts. Nick Olivo is basically telling to use “Smart Bear’s TestComplete”, one of the world’s most recognized automated testing tools.

Session Based Test Management with James Bach – November 2012

Another event was being on Session based test management by James Bach telling us about how to get exploratory testing being organized in a best possible way. Here session approach is basically used throughout which is an uninterrupted time boxes of various ranges and the tester test it by checking one module per session. SBTM is a systematic approach to estimate time for testing and for making notes too.


Though these lessons are being belonged to a tester world, it is significant that we should learn from every lesson that we encounter as it will be one of the greatest aspects of becoming a good tester.