Test Automation Helps in Cutting Down Additional Resources

Test Automation

Some of the best gifts of technology are software and mobile applications. There are numerous softwares that have made the life of humans a lot easier than ever. Whether you talk about entertainment or the workplace, you can see a lot of applications and software being a part of all the processes. If you belong to the world of technology or have an interest in it, you probably already know that no application or software is ever complete without getting tested for a couple of times.

In the beginning, software testing was only done by humans and was known as manual testing. Almost every penetration testing company hired a bunch of testers and trained them to test the software inside out. These people sat from morning to evening, did lots of planning, and delivered good results to the companies. However, as technology is becoming advance and smart, we have seen manual testing falling short to meet the expectations of the people. With manual testing, there is always a chance of errors left in the code, issues arising again, and safety being compromised even after a lot of processed being done.

Then What is the Perfect Solution?

The experts of the tech industry have clearly stated more than once that there is no perfect solution to the arising issues of the software world. Since the groups of cybercriminals also keep progressing with time, there will always be some unforeseen issues waiting for the users of the software. However, bringing technology against the fight of technology is a lot promising than bringing men to the fight of technology. That is when automation testing comes in as having the software do all the evaluation and testing of the software and mobile applications are the best thing ever!

Since this idea proved its worth and spread like a wildfire, we can see a lot of software development houses and mobile application companies preferring automation testing over manual testing. Not only these softwares help discover more issues in the software, define their right strengths, suggest solutions, and complete the testing process faster, but it saves the companies a lot of money as well. Coming to the case of a penetration testing company, a lot of testing businesses have shifted to automation testing as well. It has made a lot of things easier for these companies and they are being saved from having more resources as well.

Automation Testing Supports Less Resources

While you can find a lot of people and blogs discussing the other benefits automation testing has to offer, we would like to discuss the way automation testing cuts down additional resources. If you are running a software testing company or are an active part of it, you must be aware of the number of resources the company owns. When it comes to resources, the company has more than 20 testers (a small company) to 50 testers (a large company) and more than just a dozen software and tools. So you can clearly guess about the expenditure a company has to bear with manual testing. Even after all of this expenditure done, there are times when the company fails to deliver the best software and mobile application testing services to the clients and hence, lose customers forever.

Automation testing helps the companies keep their customers attached to them while offering them a chance to cut down additional resources. If you would like to know more about the ways it helps control your resources, here is the list for you:

Less People on Seats

With automation testing, you do not need a dozen people for one project. Automation testing handles the majority of the tasks of the project for you. Let it be gathering the basic details for initiating the project, laying down the processes, finding issues, or tracking the bugs. The machines used for automation testing do the majority of the tasks for the company so it can only have 4 or 5 people sitting on the chairs for a project. Hence, it saves almost 50% of the human cost.

Less Software Needed

In manual testing, one has to use a lot of software for different processes like project management, test care formation, bug tracking, and a lot more. Where you are paying a dozen people, you have to bear the expenses of these software and tools as well. An automation testing software is designed in a way to house all of these features in it and save you from spending on a dozen software. Where it cuts your cost of manpower to 50%, it reduces the expenditure on software and tools by some percentage too.

Better Communication

Communication is one of the key demands and needs of a software or mobile application testing project. Every penetration testing company has to pay for software that ensures the testing team and the development team are on the same page. There are different levels of softwares available in the market. The more features you demand, the more money you will have to pay. Automation testing, on the other hand, makes sure that it connects both the teams on every step so no one is left behind. This does not only reduces the expenditure but also removes a lot of burden from the shoulders of the testers and developers as well.

The Final Verdict

Automation testing and manual testing are not the only ways of testing software and mobile applications. The market is full of some other ways of software testing as well. However, these are the two main branches of testing types and have their own benefits and drawbacks. Having said that, we would like to share that we believe automation testing has the potential to make the testing better, save the clients a lot of time, and help the company cut back on the extra expenses as well. Let us know what you think about it. Are you planning to shift to automation testing or have you already taken that leap of faith?