SAHI as an Automation Testing Tool


About SAHI:

SAHI is an open source record and playback web application regression testing tool which is independent of the OS/browser which you are using i.e. you only have to write the script once for one browser and you can run it across multiple OS’s and browsers. SAHI was introduced in 2005 to be used by the testers for complex web applications. The main advantage of SAHI is that it’s not limited to a single browser as Selenium IDE. User can install different browsers for testing purposes and can test different versions of the same browser as well. SAHI is useful for non-programmer testers.

Installation Process:

Download the latest “install_sahi_v_x.jar” file from the sourceforge website. Install that downloaded SAHI file and also install java to run this file. After installing both files, simply click on “Start SAHI” to run it. This tool is extremely user friendly and simple to run.

Starting SAHI:

  • Click on Start SAHI icon
  • Launch any browser by clicking on it.
  • Enter the website link in browser.
  • Press ‘Alt’ and double click on the website page and SAHI controller will be opened.
  • Users can use SAHI scripts for regression testing.
  • SAHI script can run in multiple browsers.

SAHI Vs. Selenium:

The difference between SAHI and Selenium is as follows:

Advantages of SAHI:

  • Using SAHI isn’t going to cost you muchas it saves both your time and money.
  • SAHI is an open source tool, so it is available to everyone easily.
  • Some testing tools will run only on specific browsers but SAHI runs on all the browsers.
  • It runs regression testing for the web application.
  • SAHI scripts are fast to create and easy to maintain.
  • SAHI play back fast and reliably.
  • One can easily introduce SAHI to manual testers.
  • Intuitive and simple APIs.
  • No wait statements required even for AJAX and page loads.

Disadvantages of SAHI:

Disadvantages of SAHI are as follows:

  • Support for multiple languages: SAHI uses Javascript as its base language. Currently SAHI does not let you create your test cases in other language.
  • Visibility: SAHI does not command the same visibility that Selenium does and it takes a little longer to convince clients and management.

Experience while using SAHI:

As I have been doing manual testing so this is the first automation tool that I have used for Automation Testing. The thing which I liked the most about this tool is that the installation process is very easy for fresh automation testers, and it is very easy to get familiar with the interface of this tool.I just run the website and performed some record and playback actions for testing purposes. So, overall this tool is very easy to learn and we can use the scripts for regression testing in future.