The 5 Secrets to Perfect Automation Testing


The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. It is changing the face of the software industry as we see it. Automation testing can be easily categorized as testing 4.0. It deals with the testing of apps and software which are associated with Industry 4.0. Initially, testing was entirely manual and it was very time-consuming. Since it was manual, the chances of making mistakes were bigger. However, now automated testing is taking over the world. There are hundreds of companies out there which are offering automation testing services. Although automation testing is not complex like manual testing, it still requires certain skill sets. Therefore, in this blog, we have revealed the 5 secrets which will help you to succeed at test automation.

Here are the secrets which will ensure you to conduct successful automation testing every time.

Aligning Testing with Business Goals Can Do Wonders

Every app or software is developed for a particular domain. The ultimate goal of any app or software is to make the life of the user or the customer easier. Therefore, testing is done to make sure that the purpose of developing the software is fulfilled. To keep the business goals in mind while making the test case is the key to successful testing. When the testers align their test goals with the business goals of the software, it makes the testing faster and more efficient.

Optimal Utilization of Assets is Key

We know that automation testing is easier than manual testing but it still requires team efforts. Therefore, the utilization of all the assets, both human and material, is very important. Automation testing has the potential to produce maximum results. It is only possible when the tester and their team have a complete idea about the automated tools they are using. Kualitatem has a team of testers who are experts in their domains. Here at Kualitatem, we are keen to optimally utilize our valuable assets.

The How and The What That Matters

In order to do successful testing, you must know the following two things:

  • When to start testing?
  • How to make test cases?

When you ask these questions to yourself before starting the project, you’ll be able to perform tests with minimum errors. The reason these questions are important is that every project has its own demands. Therefore, in automated testing, the testers should write test cases according to the demand of the project.

Consider Test Suits as Products

This is basically the golden rule to perform successful testing. To understand it better, let’s take an example of a bakery which makes customizable cakes. They note ideas, make sketches of the final product and put all their efforts to bring a product to its physical form. Same is the case with automation testing. If you’ll keep the requirements of the product in mind and perform testing accordingly, then you’ll be able to make the product as efficient as expected.

Integrate Testing

Automation testing helps to save time and resources. However, in order to make it happen, testers need to make effective strategies. Integration of testing tools with development tools is one of the methods to make the process quick and more effective. The main reason to do so is that it offers real-time testing results and the whole team is in the progress loop. Integration has many benefits to offer, for example, on-time product delivery, etc.


Automation testing has made the lives of testers easier. However, the strategies described in this blog will help you to win the testing game every time. Apply them in your next project and see how these small steps can make a huge difference in your results.