Effectiveness of Code Review Services

Code Review is a technique to improve your software development lifecycle. It ensures the enhanced quality results of your overall software and code processes. Hence, it is important to be careful when choosing your code review tools and where you get your services.

Several studies have shown that investing in Code Review Services for your software or application reduces the probability of detecting any errors after the project release. Formerly, this practice was conducted as an entire code inspection, in a set-up of formal meetings. However, in current times, it has become simpler.  Compliance with your Code Review standards could benefit your project in several ways. Be it the identification of bugs, quality assurance of the coding style, or knowledge transfer of project guidelines. Through a reduction in the costs of coding red flags, your business could welcome new profits and invest more.

Key Benefits

Code reviewing requirements vary from project to project. Let’s look at a few key benefits that this service could highlight for you:

  • Injection flaws to improper error-handling
  • Vulnerable configurations
  • Identify bugs in the code
  • Inclusion of confidence in stakeholders

How to Maintain Effective Code Review Services? 

1. Utilize Coding Checklists

Coding Checklists is one of the most effective methods to eliminate recurrently occurring errors. The basic checklist covers only three things, if the code is comprehensible, follows the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle, and aligns with the given guidelines. On the contrary, the detailed coding checklist incorporates software architecture, code formatting, execution analysis and various other best practices. In a nutshell, Code review checklists allow you to keep track of your software’s development and performance.

2. Review before Integration

Developer written codes usually form a small part of a bigger application. Merging a code in a live application without reviewing the code could be a fatal mistake. It usually goes wrong in two ways. First is when the developer’s written piece of code is integrated into an application that hasn’t gone live, and secondly when the application is live and operational. The integration of a flawed piece of code in a live application could bring down all your website services or applications, resulting in severe business loss.

3. Pre-Calculate the Costs for Code Review

Identifying and fixing an error in the Quality Assurance phase can be twice as costly as fixing it in the development phase. Hence, getting the Code Reviewer’s services would save you a great deal from all those financial cutbacks. A reviewer would find all the recurring bugs that happen to or could cause errors at later stages. While assuring seamless services, all the error conditions, information leakage, and security issues are aligned and dealt with agility.

4. Assurance of Agile Methodology

Code Review services can help any development team with various methodologies. Most importantly, it is helpful for the agile teams as they are decentralized in nature and work in distributed teams. No one has complete knowledge of everything so code reviews help facilitate knowledge sharing across the codebase and the team.

Highlighting the errors is one part of the code review services, however, it is the entire process of it that makes a culture of inclusion and collaboration among the tech agile teams and brings out the best results. Kualitatem Inc, the world’s renowned software testing company, is helping several multinational firms across various verticals, with their state-of-the-art Code review services. The company has recently been certified by the TMMi Foundation, with a range of licensed and open-source automated tools to work with its Code Review Services.