Code Reviews

Code reviews help determine the coding standards and let you improve the quality of the application at code level. Any organization that aims to make its code maintainable and easy to scale up or down should conduct code reviews.

Are you satisfied with the coding standards of your APP!  

Why Code Reviews?

A code review can reveal issues such as common bugs, thread synchronization, dealing with error conditions, correct accounting for reference-counting and other potential resource leaks, security problems, and ensure that unit tests cover all code paths, error cases, and limit cases.

      The Apparent Benefit of Code Reviews includes:

Reduction in Effort

Code review greatly helps reduce the effort of development, sooner the bugs are pointed out lesser it requires effort to fix them

Compliance Requirements

Security code review is a mandatory requirement for some compliance like PCI.

Protect the Company Reputation

Secure code means secure application which will help greatly in company reputation.

Cost Efficient Process

Code reviews reduce the overall cost of the development process by pointing out the bugs at the initial stage.

Enhance Quality

A comprehensive code reviews process will enhance the quality in ending results of an App/Software.

Coding Standards

Code reviews help to analyze compliance with coding standards

Our Approach

At Kualitatem we have developed a comprehensive methodology to conduct code reviews. We use peer review methodology to conduct code reviews manually. Kualitatem is an authorized partner having certified resources to deliver security code auditing services using HP Fortify static and dynamic code analyzer.

Our team is also adept at using automated code review tools such as Jstyle, Code Striker, SSW Code Auditor etc We have extensive experience in Education, Retail, Government, Media & Financial sector. As a code reviews services firm we help many of our Fortune 1000 clients to maintain the quality of their coding standards so as to ensure successful product release.

We perform code reviews to save time by catching defects before they affect other parts of the program code. Defects found during the code review can be functional problems (bugs), maintenance problems such as fragile or incomprehensible code, and traceability problems such as unnecessary features or features that don’t match the requirements.

Code Reviews Process

Peer Code Review

  • Follow international standard of code review.
  • Follow inhouse check lists for assessment.
  • Code annotation before code review

Automated Analysis

  • Analysis using code review tools
  • Check for False Positive
  • Validate the vulnerabilities found


  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations in accordance with industry standards


  • Conduct retest after the patches have been applied
  • Identify if any vulnerability has not be patched
  • Identification of any new vulnerability as a result of changes


  • Vulnerability assessment report
  • Executive Summary
  • Retest Report

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