Why Accessibility Testing is Important Before Launching Your Apps?

accessibility testing solutions

We live in a diverse world where every single individual is different from the other. However, there are some people among us who have special needs. Despite those special needs, they contribute to every walk of life with dignity and respect. Therefore, it is important that those who are fully able to help those who have some special needs help them wholeheartedly. Accessibility testing is one way to do that. It is basically a type of software testing which ensures that the application is accessible for people with special needs (disabilities such as physical, cognitive, hearing, and vision, etc.). The main purpose of accessibility testing is to make a user interface which can be easily used people with special needs. There are mainly two types of accessibility testing solutions which can be implemented by using different accessibility tools. Following are the two types:

  • Manual Accessibility Testing (During manual testing, you test every single page of the application to make sure that the interface is useable for the people with different physical impairments)
  • Automated Accessibility Testing (Although manual testing is necessary, however, automated accessibility testing also facilitates the whole process of testing by testing the app automatically)

Why it is Important to test an app before launching it?

All companies test apps by using different kinds of usability tests depending upon the nature of the app. The reason to do so is that you want to make sure that your user has no difficulty in using the app.  Accessibility testing is a subset of usability testing with the only difference that it ensures your physically disabled users are also able to use your application without having any troubles.

1. World Wide Legislations

Almost all the countries around the world have passed laws in which it is the responsibility of the IT companies to test the accessibility of their applications before launching them in the market. To avoid potential lawsuits, which can even cost you and your company heavy fines, it is very important to test the accessibility of the apps before launching them. When we provide accessibility testing services to our clients we ensure that they comply with international standards.

2. Access to Global Markets

According to a USA based research, 1 out of every 20 people has special needs in one way or the other. In order to cater to this huge number of people, it is important to make something for them which they can use without any difficulty.

3. Company Reputation

Accessibility testing of an app, before launching it, will help you to build your image in the market. It will show your customers how much you care about the community and how far you can go to help people with certain disabilities. Above all, it shows the respect that you have for people with special conditions. All these things ultimately help you to build a positive and strong image of your company in the market.

4. Moral Responsibility

People with different kinds of impairments have shown the world over a period of time that they are not less than any of us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to release applications and software that is easily accessible. The moral responsibility of making their lives easier also falls on the shoulders of IT companies because they are trying to make people’s lives easier with innovations. They should do that for every single human irrespective of physical disabilities. Therefore, it is very important to test the accessibility of an application before launching it in the market.


By using both the manual and the automated accessibility testing solutions you can make the lives of those a little easier who are less fortunate than us. Take your application to a whole new level with a little extra effort because trust us when we say, it is completely worth it.  In general, accessibility testing will not only open gates for disabled people but also help your application and company to get higher ratings.