Asad Shamim



Asad Shamim

CTO, AAJ Technologies

It is my pleasure to convey my sincere appreciation for the high quality work your organization has performed for us in the global reservation project. AAJ and Kualitatem worked as true partners and I truly applaud Kualitatem team rapidly engaging and immersing with AAJ personnel to form a seamless unified team with a single minded laser focus on delivering quality end product to our valued customer. Kualitatem team worked above and beyond the call of duty consistently to not only meet but exceed our expectations, more importantly, our customers were the true winners of this excellent work product produced by Kualitatem. AAJ Technologies has benefited tremendously from Kualitatem’s expertise in software testing. Their technical leadership, attention to details and ownership drive has resulted in our excellent relationship. We got a chance to engage them in one of our projects from the hospitality and tourism industry. Testing a reservation system for a world class hotel chain required specialized skill set, strategy and execution methodology. Kualitatem successfully complemented in all three areas to ensure highest level of quality. Team performed functionality, integration and regression testing before taking up test automation to reduce the cost of regression. End result was thoroughly tested system that worked without a flaw and is currently a critical source of revenue generation for our customer.


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