QA Outsourcing Services

We, at Kualitatem, are working to create tech-savvy and reliable software space for all businesses big and small with our QA outsourcing services.

Experts and Expertise

Our experts in the domain of QA and software testing leave no stone unturned to assist businesses of all strata across the globe. Ensuring a methodology-oriented approach, QA consultants at Kualitatem can engage bottlenecks faced by such companies and provide a long-term solution. Stable, reliable, secure, consistent, and user-friendly interfaces are some areas we excel in. Our Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a state-of-the-art set up with the latest tools and technologies, with vibrant QA digitalization. 

Why QA outsourcing services?

As a company that has been ranked among ‘Top 10 Pure-play Testing Companies’ by Gartner twice, Kualitatem is the ultimate choice for digitally transforming your business. At Kualitatem, we have:

  • Skilled QA professionals and leads
  • Latest tools and partnerships 
  • Certified ISO 9001 & ISO 27001
  • The latest methods adopted by teams
  • Project Consultation 

Even if there is an internal QA team, this may be rhetorical – but this question still needs to be asked.

Previously, outsourcing was considered only a technique to cut back on cost. Recently, it has seen to become an effective strategy.

Generally, outsourcing helps achieve business objectives in a better way.

Regardless if you have in-house testers, hiring a third-party testing team is the perfect answer to organizations pursuing to:

  •         Improve the quality of their applications,
  •         Reduce business overhead,
  •         And improve upon current testing processes.

QA testing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

A developer might be able to conduct a normal level testing of your application product or website, but not will not be able to cross-examine it as skillfully as a specialized QA tester can.

Comparison Between a Third Party and Your Internal Team

If you don’t have an internal QA team and testing is performed by development or IT teams, it is possible that the end-result will not be flawless.

Outsourcing your QA tests will help them focus on more strategic tasks or developments.

Accomplish deadlines and accelerate time-to-market

A testing partner will help you accomplish your deadlines well in time, particularly when some tests require specialized tools or higher level of competency.

Minimize in-house tension between QA and development

QA and development teams don’t go along well – A fact that can’t be ignored. Hence, there is a possibility that tension may arise between your internal teams.

To avoid the hassle, a third-party service provider can:

  •         maintain harmony between the teams,
  •         create a training program,
  •         and also encourage your QA and development teams to work together by providing them with necessary guidance.

Maintain Objectivity

It is quite likely that your team overlooks the flaws in the product, unable to detect defects in functionality and identify errors that might go unnoticed.

An external team that has not been a part of the project from inception can view the project unbiasedly and identify the defects through and unbiased and prudent software testing approach.

Accelerate time to market

Partnering with an outside QA team adds invaluable resources since two heads are better than one.

By adding resources to your internal quality assurance team in form of a third-party service provider, there’s an additional benefit of working together to identify any key issues and streamline technical processes to work more proficiently.  

External software testing assistance can help speed up you’re the project’s delivery, and can also accelerate the speed to market on new ideas.

Cut down expenses

Apart from the expense of an in-house QA team, there is also additional operational overhead incurred by managing it.

Arranging a training program, maintaining up-to-date testing software, and a multitude other variables only tend to add to your bottom line – and the downtime associated with them.

However, by outsourcing your quality testing requirements, you can keep these costs to a minimum.

It might seem unreasonable for companies with an internal test team to collaborate with a testing partner, however, an additional dedicated team devoted to testing can often yield faster results and at a lower hourly rate.

Plus, the more the bugs are identified at a later stage, the cost of the project keeps adding up. Only a specialized QA testing company can help you find bugs and get them fixed prior to release, thus, saving you from that additional expense.

Why Outsource Your Software Testing?

Outsourcing Software testing would not only lessen the burden on costs for any business but can also bring in more revenue. Here is how: 

When an application is developed, no matter what technology is used, CI/CD, Agile, Waterfall, or other, it becomes all-the-more relevant to test it. SDLC is important, but Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), is necessary to establish a more vigorous testing approach. Regardless of how well an application is running, if it isn’t proper, independent, and thorough testing, it will fall flat face first. Device compatibility, Usability, Code Review, Performance, Load, Stress, are essential steps towards better functionality, and when read by independent testers, they can enhance even more. 

Lesser time-to-market is another feat that can be an added incentive with QA outsourcing services. The inclusion of CICD can ensure a shorter development lifecycle as well as quicker software marketing. 

Kualitatem has been ranked among “Top 10 Pure-Play Application Testing Companies” by Gartner twice which makes us the obvious choice for Mobile application testing needs. As a leader in the industry, our experts develop a proper Quality Assurance strategy that is based on the requirements of clients. 


Our partnerships with the leading names of the IT and software world are an acknowledgment of our work. We deploy the latest methods and work to provide enterprise solutions that are unique and simple. 

Some of our Partners: 

  • Informatica
  • Kaspersky
  • GenRocket
  • Symantec 
  • Neotys
  • RSA
  • McAfee
  • PaloAlto

Kualitatem, an Independent Software Testing company is well-equipped with the latest technologies and provides a fresh outlook to the entire STLC. 

For the crucial task of software testing, ensure that your SDLC is well-maintained and provide results that shape the future for enterprises. Be it waterfall or agile, having a resource team that has all the right tools, equipment, strategy, and most importantly commitment cannot be negated.