QA Consulting Company

We are much more than just a regular QA consulting company.

At Kualitatem, we focus on providing comprehensive solutions to all your quality assurance needs. We rely on our ambitious QA engineers with impeccable expertise to ensure that you get the most out of our QA consulting services.

Quality Assurance is an integral part of the software development life cycle (SDLC) which ensures the quality of the software product before the launch of the product (application/software). With our team of QA engineers, we provide quality assurance consulting services to various companies across the board through a keenly monitored and crafted process keeping in view the existing QA situation and subsequent needs of the project, services,  or company in question. 

Our Unique QA Consulting Process

We provide software QA consulting services through a step-by-step process.  

  • Bird’s eye view 

The first step is to gain an insight into the current situation of your QA needs in order to identify the correct approach and starting point of our QA consulting services. A bird’s eye view will help us in determining what needs to be done and where the focus needs to lie. 

  • Analyzing the situation

The next step is to analyze the problematic areas(current Processes, Procedures, Policies, Teams, Tools, Technology etc.), the expected solutions and the probable risks associated with those solutions. Expected solutions could be,

– Setting up TCoE

– Test Data Management

– Test Environment Management

– Data Governance

– Data Quality/Cleansing

All of this is done to ensure that a practical and comprehensive plan is developed by our QA experts which are then shared with the client.

  • Application of the action plan

Once the plan has been approved, the software QA consulting experts start the application of the plan in an environment closely monitored for both the expected as well as the unexpected issues that may occur. Transparency is maintained throughout the process between the customer and the QA team of Kualitatem. 

  • Training & After-sales support

At Kualitatem we ensure that our QA consulting goes beyond the planning and implementation process and our support is always there for our clients. Providing trainings to the client key stakeholder is part of our process to make sure the processes  are being followed and remain aligned after our job is done.

Benefits Of Our QA Consulting Process

  • Clear and measurable information technology processes
  • A clear view of project expenses and more effective preparation of the budget
  • Setup and utilization of Infrastructure (tracking systems, testing environment)
  • Work setting customized to the group practices and procedures
  • Closer and more productive QA, growth, business unit collaboration
  • Fewer individual errors and difficulties of communication; increased quality of work
  • Enhanced testing approach for applications
  • Improved efforts for production and QA and costs
  • Centralized and consistent QA and Testing Approach

Enjoy a QA Consulting Process that is straightforward and effective!

The QA team at Kualitatem will support you in identifying and removing the inefficiencies in your QA process and will ensure that the QA process facilitates the progress of your project. Contact us and get a free quote today!