Platform Compatibility Testing

Technology advancements and emerging platforms in web & mobile space have created a nightmare for software development teams. Issues arise primarily due to lack of experience and unavailability of test environments. This leaves you vulnerable to a poor user experience, resulting in lost sales and bad repute.

Are you overwhelmed with the breadth of platforms used by end users?

Why Platform Compatibility Testing?

Platform Compatibility testing is for every development firm engaged in the process of IT products development, to ensure desired performance on all available platforms.

The apparent benefits derived from compatibility testing include:


Compatibility testing ensure that an IT product automatically adjusts to all available devices, operating systems & browsers.

Enhance User Satisfaction

Users will be more satisfied if a specific IT product works perfectly well on their devices.

Maintain Quality

Compatibility testing will ensure the overall performance quality of an app across devices.

Successful Release

Successful release of an app will only be possible after the completion of compatibility testing process.

Bugs Identification

Compatibility testing identifies all kinds of bottlenecks affecting quality on available platforms.

Beat The Rivals

IT products with accurate compatibility standards will surely beat the existing rivals in market.

Our Approach

We understand the efforts and cost involved in setting up different test environments to check the application behavior. That is why we have established various test environments to cover your needs. Our skilled engineers are available to guide you through the process of ensuring the broadest spectrum of platforms your application can work on.

We have extensive experience in Education, Retail, Government, Media & Financial sector. As a platform compatibility testing services firm we helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients with compatibility test script preparation and analysis.

Platform Compatibility Testing checks an app for its adaptability and responsiveness across different browsers, operating systems and devices. It helps in finding out how well a system performs in a particular environment, across variables such as hardware, network, operating system and other complementary software etc. Kualitatem helps you to perform advanced compatibility testing throughout whole development period.

Platform Compatibility Testing Process

Operating System Testing

  • Android Testing
  • iOS Testing
  • Windows Testing

Browser Testing

  • Chrome Testing
  • Firefox Testing
  • Safari Testing
  • Opera Testing

Users Testing

  • Admin Testing
  • Guest Testing
  • Manager Testing

Hardware Testing

  • Mobiles Hardware testing
  • Laptops Hardware testing
  • Tablets Hardware testing

Function Testing

  • Font/image Compatibility Testing
  • Network Compatibility Testing
  • Navigation Testing

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