Mobile App Testing

70% of the world’s population has access to mobile devices, and smartphone adoption is at its peak. Considering this, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular, and a staple to more & more business solutions. It’s vital to manage & ensure performance of your app across multiple operating system, device models and platforms.

                        At Kualitatem, we take mobile application testing very seriously!

Why Mobile App Testing?

Mobile app testing is for every firm to maintain performance and quality of any developed app across all available devices.

The apparent benefits derived from mobile app testing include:

Time to Market

Mobile app testing reduce the length of time, which an app takes to be available for sale in market.


App Testing will ensure compatibility of your app with all diverse nature IT devices.

User’s Appreciation

User’s will always keep on using an app, which is consistently tested out.


App testing enhance overall app quality by identifying all possible performance and security bottlenecks.


Automated mobile app testing will reduce your overall app test analysis cost, because of less manual work.


Mobile app testing will make your app end to end secured from any kind of security vulnerabilities

Our Approach

We verify your mobile app’s bandwidth and hardware requirements, plus validate optimal response times under different load levels & scenarios. Our Automation engineers can provide scalable frameworks for your mobile apps; the framework grows as your app does!

We have extensive experience in Education, Retail, Government, Media & Financial sector. As a Mobile APP testing services firm we helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients with App testing script development.

As compared to other mobile application testing services provider company, at Kualitatem, we believe that Simulators and Emulators are not the substitutes to real users. These users can be grouchy within seconds and switch over to your competitors website with a single click or ask Siri to do it for them!

Mobile App Testing Process

End User Experience Testing

  • Real User Testing
  • User Reviews

Device Hardware Testing

  • iOS Hardware Testing
  • Android Hardware Testing

Cross Platform Testing

  • Compatibility Analysis
  • Real Platform Analysis

App Adaptability Testing

  • Operating System Adaptability
  • Device Adaptability

Communication Medium Testing

  • App Wireless Testing
  • App Network Testing

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