• April 21, 2017
  • admin

Khurram Mir, as CMO, is leading the marketing and sales team at Kualitatem with his extensive QA expertise. He has worked as a QA, consulting and advising expert for clients helping them in their QA pursuits. He has been instrumental for Kualitatem with his 10+ years of experience in the software testing space. Khurram co-founded Kualitatem with a passion to promote independent testing as a mandatory step in a development lifecycle keeping in view the known problems and dilemmas faced by QA departments.

His skill set spans requirement verification and validation, design time controls and test plans, writing test cases, generating test reports and bug reports and conducting audits. He likes to address the pain points of clients while educating them about the latest testing trends and how their application can help them in releasing immaculate software. Khurram holds a bachelors in computer sciences and a master’s in business administration. He is an avid traveler and mountaineer.