Functional Testing

Functional testing is a pivotal element for strengthening the quality of developed software. Functional testing basically refers to the black box testing that evaluate a particular IT product with reference to the functional requirements indicated with its specification. Functional test analysis process involves the testing activities which measure the code of each component to assure quality.

Is the application you’re about to release functionally fit? Are you sure?


Why Functional Testing?

Functional testing is for every organization to maintain the functionality of their systems & ensure stability in results. .

The apparent benefits derived from functional testing include:

Enhanced User Experience

Functional testing enhance user experience by removing out functional bugs & any lost opportunities in settings.

Interface Analysis

Allow QA team to correct module collaboration of a system according to its specified requirements.


Deliver the output data, by comparing actual and expected results of an IT infrastructure.


Clear the identification of different functions and how they affect other functions.


Test units of each system to validate interaction of each component & deliver expected output.


Smoke, Acceptance & system testing ensure accurate testing results related to bugs & vulnerabilities assessments.

Our Approach

Our approach starts with exploratory testing where our team plays around with the application. Based on their experience, they gradually get methodical, develop a scenario matrix and execute all possible test cases to assess application quality.

We have extensive experience in Education, Retail, Government, Media & Financial sector. As Functional testing services firm we helped many of our Fortune 1000 clients with functional testing script development.

Kualitatem will support you in pursuit of perfection and higher ROI. Our fully customizable functional testing services are ready to meet any & all challenging end user requirements and pressing timelines.

Functional Testing Process


  • Statement of Work
  • Requirement Gathering

Test Requirement & Planning

  • Estimation
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Test Plan
  • Risk Assessment

Environment Setup & Test Decision

  • Software / Hardware Configuration
  • Vendor
  • Test Scenarios & Cases
  • Test Data Preparation

Execution & Defect Tracking

  • Test Execution
  • Capture Results
  • Reviews  & Analysis
  • Share Insights

Closure Reporting / Maintenance

  • Summary Reports
  • Recommendations Report
  • Client Acceptance
  • Project Closure

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